Why You Should Always Offer A Free Trial If You Are Offering A Service

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  • Author Eithan Martinez
  • Published July 29, 2017
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Whether you offer a service or a product, it is incredibly hard to convince a consumer to try out what you are offering. In a world where there is everything of everything, although it has become easier to access consumers, their options are now boundless, so it has become more of a challenge to convert them.

Now, you are going to tell me that "well... nothing like my service," "we are not really like our competition," "there is no one like us," and I believe you, because that is what we feel about my service, Righty, but no matter how good your message is, there is no better conversion tactic than a peak at the service.

Righty, for instance, offers an SMS based virtual assistant that schedules your meetings and helps manage your time. It is not a traditional virtual assistant, but rather a new concept. Your Rightys, who are human assistants that use artificial intelligence to be more productive so they can manage many clients at a time, lowering the price to the client to just $35/month, don't help with data entry, extensive research, social media, among other things like traditional virtual assistants. Instead, they act as a right hand, a productivity coach, to help people build routines and habits that make them productive, allowing them to accomplish more themselves.

So, how do you communicate all these things to a possible client? We let the Righty do the talking. If your service is as good as you say, and you are confident in it, offer a free trial. It is sort of like the glue that makes people take an action in your page. Drive traffic to your site through the traditional channels, and the free trial will convert that traffic to a sign up. A higher conversion rate equals a lower acquisition cost, which is everyone's marketing goal. That conversion doesn't need to equal money today, but in 7 days or 30 days when the free trial ends, If the service is impeccable like we hope our clients think Righty is, the money will come at the end of the free trial.

A free trial is the most effective message there is. It allows your customers to understand everything you try to tell them on a sales call, on your website, brochures, and any marketing material.

When a company is so positive about their service, letting people try it is just a very effective sales pitch.

Righty Founder. Righty is an SMS based virtual assistant that helps people schedule their meetings and manage their time. Our assistants use artificial intelligence to be more productive so one assistant can help many clients and therefore offer the customer a price of just $35/month.

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