Be Wise And Get Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted

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  • Published August 14, 2017
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Extraction of teeth is the most painful phenomenon that we had to go through as kids and that memory is just unforgettable which has also lead to the embedding of dental anxiety in us; however, in certain cases it is still preferable to get the teeth extracted so that proper oral hygiene is maintained. When we start to get the last set of molars which normally happens after the age of 25, it sure does hurt because of the fact that there isn’t enough space in our jaw most of the times to accommodate those additional teeth.

Wisdom teeth removal in Sydney can be carried out by a general dentist as well who knows how to handle such situations. In many cases, where the patient has a high level of dental anxiety, they are made to inhale laughing gas so that they reach a state where their mind is awake but they feel a bit unconscious. This way the dentist as well as the patient can be at ease during the entire process.

There are 2 set of molars that we get at this stage where each set has two teeth each. Some of them get it altogether while the other can get in one set each. Either ways it is better that you get wisdom teeth removal in Sydney done by an experienced professional so that there are no complications in future. It is also important for the restoration of other teeth that you get checked by a cosmetic dentist who can provide you with a viable solution if you want to keep those last set of molars.

Most of the experts will recommend getting it extracted because these teeth are of no use and can be removed easily by either using laughing gas or numbing gel as a mode of sedative so that the patient does not feel the pain. Majority of the people aren’t aware of this fact that these teeth are of no use which is why they tend to stick with them and then face overcrowding of teeth in future, this also leads to tooth decay due to the fact that in case the teeth is overcrowded we cannot clean them properly which in turn leads to the accumulation of plaque. This plaque later on converts into a periodontal disease if not treated immediately which later on leads to tooth decay at a very early age.

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