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  • Published July 30, 2017
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A man’s jacket shouldn't be missing from any male wardrobe for quite a few reasons. While jeans and a shirt or t-shirt are essential to have for making a basic and casual outfit, a jacket will always make the difference and revive an otherwise boring look. Jackets of course are worn mostly because of the warmth and protection that they offer, especially during cold winter months when you don’t want to leave your arms exposed. But this isn’t the only reason they are popular--jackets are probably one of the few male clothing items that can be worn in all occasions-from casual to formal events depending on its color, pattern, and the rest of your clothing. They don’t have an age and provided that the quality of material is good they are one of the best investments you could take to complete your wardrobe and match any type of outfit for the years to come. Here are a few examples for men of all ages:

A black leather jacket worn with a plain white shirt or t-shirt and a nice pair of blue, washed out jeans. This a classic choice for any casual look with a bit of a bike note, due to the black leather jacket.

A brown suede or leather jacket worn with a gray or white t-shirt and jeans with a green hue. Another classic option with a bit of a western touch, perfect if you are a fan of the old American/western fashion.

A bright colored jacket with a plain white shirt or t-shirt inside paired with nude or light brown colored jeans. This jacket outfit is an option that younger men that want too look trendy and stand out can pull off. If you want to stand out from a crowd and look more unique, a bright colored jacket would be perfect for this purpose.

A denim jacket paired up with jeans on the same or opposite hue and a white t-shirt (plain or graphic) inside. Finish up your outfit with a nice pair of metallic sneakers and you are ready to go.

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