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  • Published September 21, 2017
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Welcome to affordable vertical storage, which is perhaps doing the same thing for storage as the printing press did for distributing the written word. Soon the sight of rows upon rows of storage items and workers straining their backs to get them will probably go the way of hand-written books. A vertical storage and retrieval system might be your ideal storage solution, helping you save space, labor and time, and probably drive a bigger profit than ever before.

Efficient Use of Space

One of the biggest expenses for most any type of business is rent, and you want to make the most bang for your buck – or square foot. Vertical storage is revolutionary in that it utilizes free space up to one inch within ceiling height, and vertical modules can even be custom-built for your ceiling. This is especially efficient in warehouses, which typically have very high ceilings, and vertical storage allows them to save up to 90% of floor space. Vertical modules also have software systems that run automatic storage and retrieval, greatly reducing the need for aisles.

Easy Retrieval

Automatic storage retrieval is a beautiful thing, eliminating human time spent looking for a product, perhaps climbing to get it, and only then ascertaining if it’s the right one. With a vertical storage and retrieval system, you simply key in the item you want, and it comes to you at a height between the shoulders and the waist – the "golden zone." In order to store an item, you place it in the "golden zone," and it is stored automatically. As soon as one item is stored/ retrieved, you can move on to the next, going up to five times faster than with racking and shelving.

Increased Profit

Vertical storage can drive up your profit in a number of ways, including through the space and labor savings mentioned above. You can also store more inventory, helping you if one of your wholesalers shuts down, and you won’t lose customers that aren’t willing to wait for a back-order. Your need for new employees will decrease, and you might also benefit from the vertical storage system’s automatic theft protection. Finally, vertical storage is made to last, and you can purchase used vertical carousels and modules at affordable prices.

The future is now – with a vertical storage and retrieval system that quite literally takes over every step of storing and retrieving your items. Now you can place items nearly as high as your ceiling, store and retrieve them with the push of a button, and let an automatic system automatically drive up your profits. Combine all of this with greater safety and accuracy than ever before and an affordable price, and then go ahead – try to resist joining the revolution.

Join the revolution and get an affordable storage and retrieval system. It will help you save storage space and time, and probably make your biggest profit.

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