Foods That Cause Joint Pain You Should Avoid

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  • Published September 27, 2017
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Today, millions of people are suffering from swollen and painful joints due to arthritis. This has mostly been due to eating more processed foods, added sugars, preservatives and saturated fats. Research has shown that joint pain caused by poor diet usually causes a condition referred to as gout.This condition mostly occurs when the uric acid level increases in the body.

Once the uric acid level increases in joints, it crystallizes and leaves deposits that lead to inflammation and eventually joint pain. Studies have shown that foods that cause joint pain are usually high in chemical compounds that lead to uric acid and toxic accumulation in joint tissues.

Some of the foods that cause joint pain and which you need to avoid include:

  1. Meats

Research has shown that organ meat such as testicles, brains, livers, kidneys and hearts contain high levels of purines, a chemical compound that increases the production of uric acid.

  1. Fried Foods

Fried high-fat foods such as deep fried appetizers, donuts, French fries, fried chicken are foods that cause joint pain, especially to an individual who already has arthritis. This is because when such foods are eaten in excess, they can supply the body with saturated fat. The excess fat can put stress to the joints and at the same time amplify the risks of wear and tear to the cartilage supporting the joints. In addition, fat is not an inert substance. Instead, it is a substance that is metabolically active. This means that fat is capable of producing chemicals and hormones that will increase inflammation in tissues. Research has shown that instead of deep frying, it is advisable to prepare food by roasting, steaming or grilling.

  1. Sugar and Refined Starch

Refined carbohydrates have been shown to increase the levels of blood sugar. Increased blood sugar stimulates the production of high levels of insulin leading to an immune response. When a pro-inflammatory response occurs due to increased levels of insulin, a chronic inflammation occurs in joint tissues leading to joint pain.

  1. Foods High In Saturated Fats

Research has shown that foods that cause joint pain are high in saturated fats. The category of foods with saturated fat include those obtained from animal products such as poultry skin, pork and beef meat, regular cheese, whole milk, butter, ice cream, beef sausage, pepperoni, salami, bologna, and bacon. Saturated fats are shown to cause the accumulation of cholesterol in tissues which leads to formation of deposits in joints.

  1. Vegetables and Legumes

Research has shown that vegetables and legumes are also foods that cause joint pain. Such category of foods includes asparagus, spinach, peas, mushrooms, lentils and beans. Despite such foods being rich in vitamins and minerals, they are known to be high in purines, a chemical that increases the production of uric acid.

Although some of the foods that cause joint pain are known to be a good source of nutrients, it is important to strictly avoid them especially if you have a gout condition. In addition to eating a healthy diet that is non-inflammatory, it is important to exercise regularly so as to increase the elimination of uric acid through sweat.

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