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  • Published October 19, 2017
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Writing an assignment and then proof-reading it with proficiency needs certain tips. The tips and tools may comprise of many things you need to understand. Some of them are:

• Invite your Friend for your Help

Having good and educated friends is a true blessing. They will guide you and help you in the time you need them the most and for now what can be more important that proof-reading your assignments. If you are having difficulty in reading your assignment you may share that with your friends and classmates in order to get different angles and ideas.

• Rest for a while

The best practice of proof-reading is to read your working after taking a break. Do not start reading your work right after you stop writing. With a fresh mind you may concentrate on your work in a better way. In addition, you will get some more ideas after reading your work. The grammatical errors and sentence structuring mistakes may be minimised by reading after a short break.

• Read in Hardcopy Form

Mistakes are more visible on the hardcopy rather than in a softcopy. You may extract very tiny mistakes in the form of hardcopy.

• Keep your style sheet and style guide handy

Defining your work in proper style and formatting is not useful in proofreading, but it will give you a neat and clean writing. So, that you need to focus on just the word, sentences and phrases rather than brackets and line spacing.

• Distraction Free Reading

Proofreading is a very critical task you need to be attentive and focused while reading your task. A minor negligence will result in a big mistake or error.

• Slow down

Slow down the process of your reading in this way you will extract errors in your sentence formation. This will help you to read your writing according to the reader’s perception.

• Scan your writing

Scan your writing multiple times each time choose a special task in your scanning for instances, in first scanning decide spell checking, then afterwards proof-read the sentence formation, heading, paging, cross-referencing, formatting and others.

• Sound Loud

Read your writing as loud as you can in order to extract minor mistakes and sentence errors.

• Scan from Top to Bottom

Looking your writing from top to bottom and from bottom to top is a very efficient way. In this way you will judge your piece of writing as how precise it is

• Use your technology

There are several thousands of web applications and mobile applications for proof-reading you can use them for reading your writing.

Reading your writing is a difficult task and extracting your own mistake is very hard. All you need to do is to read your writing from a reader’s perception. If you are running out of time for your assignment contact some assignment writing service UK from British Assignment Writing.

If you are running out of time for your assignment contact some Assignment Writing Service UK from British Assignment Writing.

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