Muscle pain – causes and treatment.

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Our body is made of various organs and kinds like bones, skin, muscles, etc. Among which muscles are the soft tissues. Muscles are responsible for body movements. There are around 700 muscles contributing towards human weight. Muscle tissues are everywhere in the human body also in the heart, digestive systems, etc. Muscles pains are very common. Since muscles are situated all over the body, they can be get hurt, wounded and cause pain. Muscle pains are commonly termed as Myalgia in the medical field. There are different kinds of muscles like Visceral Muscle, Cardiac Muscles and Skeletal Muscles.

  • Visceral Muscles - are the ones situated in the digestive systems, stomach, intestines, etc. They are also in the blood vessels. These muscles fall under the unconscious part of the brain. They cannot be controlled directly by the conscious part of the brain.

  • Cardiac Muscles – we are all aware about these. They are particularly only present in the heart. Any problems in the case can lead to very serious problems. Chronic pain may lead to a surgery.

  • Skeletal Muscles – These are the muscles which are controllable. For every physical movement in the human body is only because of the skeletal muscles. It may be walking, talking, etc.

There are various causes of muscle pain; they are mostly associated with physical movements and stress. Muscle tension in one or more parts of the body, excessive stress on the muscles due to continuous or extreme physical activity can be a reason leading to injuries which cause pain.

What are the common causes of muscle pains? The list is long for best pain doctor In Mumbai.

Muscle cramps, repetitive strain injuries, influenza, medications and its side effects, chronic exertions, infections of the soft tissues, or inflammatory conditions, sudden acceleration, heavy lifting, throwing, quick movement, etc. pain can be mild or severe. Sprains and strains lead to major pain. Sprains and strains mild or chronic can hurt the muscles severely. These usually occur in knees, ankles and elbows. Symptoms are as follows - pain, swelling, difficulty to move, inflammation, muscle cramps, muscle weakness, bruising, etc. You can also get pain relief medication for back pain.

Muscle pain can be managed at home, if it is mild. Various stretching exercises can help you overcome muscle pain. You need proper rest. Apply ice pack on the affected area, this is relieve your pain and also reduce inflammation. Stay away from heavy lifting or over-stressing on the affected part. Gentle stretch the injured muscles. Apply pain relief balms or have medicine. Make use of a compression bandage to lessen swelling. Cut off your stress. If the pain gets severe causing trouble in breathing or fever, etc. Do consult a doctor for best Muscle Pain Treatment in Mumbai.

Muscle pain in every part of the body has different treatment. For muscle pain in legs, keep your legs in a high elevation position. For chest muscles, be very careful. Chest pain is worst when your muscles get pulled. It can result in heart attacks. So, one should be very concerned if he is facing frequent chest pains. Chest muscles are pulled and strained in varying degrees. The mildest pulled muscle injury leads to no tears or weakness. But when it gets severe it can demand for a surgery.

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