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Why Android Is A Sensible Choice for Mobile App Development for Businesses with Budget Limitations?

Android apps are the right choice for your business because they:

  • Require Low Investment

  • Are Secure & Generate High ROI

  • Are Easy To Integrate, Adapt & Customize

  • Attract & Engage More Users Than Any Other OS.

Android is a free and open source mobile operating system, which has massive user base these days because of its simpler app development process and wide applications. The reason behind its popularity is that it offers a complete stack of software including operating system, middleware & key mobile applications; making it a solid completion for Apple and other popular operating systems.

From An Idea to Most Downloaded App on Google Play Store; DevBatch’s Android App Development Services Will Help You Achieve Unprecedented Success in Business

DevBatch is a USA-based android apps development company that offers customized mobile apps solutions to businesses associated with all industrial sectors. We develop innovative and smooth flowing apps for all major OS (Apple, Android & Windows) that work flawlessly on cross platforms. Our superior & personalized android app development services will help you revolutionize your operational strategy by making it more efficient & less effort consuming.

DevBatch’s Certified Android App Development Experts, Helping You Work Smart Instead of Just Hard

Given the millennials’ obsession with smart phone technology, people have now an app just about everything on iStore & Google Play. Android; however has a larger chunk of global market share than Apple because of its incorporation in not one but many major phone brands. For Android users, there are millions of apps in the Android marketplace that keep customers interested on a daily bases. These Android apps have applications in even the most minor aspects of our lives and are getting popular with every passing day.

Your individual or commercial app idea can be built on android too and if done correctly its sure to bring in revenue. That’s where DevBatch comes into play. With an experience of almost a decade in superior android app development, DevBatch can offer you quality personalized and unique app solutions.

To satisfy & delight the varied clientele of ours, we have the very best Android development team working on the latest native android apps, business apps and mobile web hybrid apps. These apps are devised for multiple industries like business, publications, finance, ecommerce stores, social network (chat & socializing apps), healthcare (pedometer apps), education, travel & games. We are best known for our mastery in Google to blend the creative imagination of an idea and the smooth flow of technology.

Our brilliant Android developers have perfected the technical skills of:

  • Android Studio SDK

  • Geographic Information System enabled Databases

  • Android Location Based Services

  • Third Party SDK integration

Android Feature-Packed App Development Services

DevBatch’s android app development process is simple enough. Our talented android developers understand and analyze your app idea, develop the code, design the app, run the testing and finally submit it to you. You can add remove modern features in your apps, depending on your product requirements and the inclinations of your customer base:

Social Integration-You can have your app integrate entire social network of a user to gain interests of their contacts and more information about the preferences of the existing users to personalize their experience.

User Location- Your app can use data of the Android devices to identify any user’s location through WiFi & GPS. Knowing your user location will help you gauge your app’s success areas and give you the stats you need to enhance the app quality.

Send Notifications-This features helps you keep your users interested by pushing alerts, reminders and news feed notifications in timely intervals.

In-App Purchases-Make your apps into a profit sources by offering in app purchases for add-ons, subscriptions and periodical upgrades.

Game Mechanics-You can addict your app users using game mechanics like leaderboards, rewards, and seasonal decorations.

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