EPOS System Can Help You in 5 Ways to Boost Retail Sales This Christmas

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  • Author Janet Cara
  • Published December 27, 2017
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It is great news for retailers as Christmas is a time for giving and receiving. However, customer expectations will be higher than ever, retailers need to give something in return to take a competitive edge over their competitors this Christmas.

It has become necessary for retailers to exist across all channels as the customer experience is no longer restricted to bricks and mortar stores. You can offer both in store and online in a number of ways with low cost and low efforts.

Gift Wrap

Consumers will pay convenience for a premium and a gift-wrap service is easy, low cost offer which can really add value to your customers. Taking out additional stress from of their shopping experience, particularly those 12.6 million who hit the high streets on last weekend before Christmas.

With a variety range of papers, bags, and bows affords your customers a choice and gives them the opportunity to choose premium wrapping at an additional cost. Get the wrap station near your EPOS System which is the perfect place to up sell this service.

Gift Guide

Festive themed gift guides allow retailers to showcase their stock, offers and ability to up sell complementary products alongside them. It’s a mobile friendly guide with clear pricing and shipping information and a link to your online store. You can also email if you don’t have time or capacity to build an interactive guide.

By categorising products into types, price range, gender and age preferences allowing customers to filter by criteria. Build eye-catching visuals with bold creative text that explains why the product is a great gift for that chosen demographic is the key.

Personal Shopping

In an international retail conference, retail expert Mary Portas said, "By 2020, experience will take over product and price; people will be spending on experiences and using their time creatively." It is the better way of creating an enjoyable and memorable experience for offering personal shopping.

It is not necessary to offer a personal shopping experience to be formal event like the one associated with high end retailers. A psychological connection can be build with friendly staff interacting with customers and reaffirming purchase choices. Utilising technology to improve customer’s experience in fashion retail is a great example. Retail week report has boosted the average order value by 133%.


Consumers are always eager to get a good deal, promotions help to encourage footfall and is also a popular way. Reward your loyal customers with personalised offers and targeted promotions which help incentivises repeat customers. It also encourages customers to spend more.

There is a number of loyalty modules which afford SME’s a range of integrated marketing materials offered by EPOS Direct. There is an opportunity to earn more points for money purchases based on their past purchases.


It is a bit counter-intuitive to give your stock for free, but trying for often translates to buying products. Offering customers to try your stock so that they can enjoy the products and help to envisage how can it fit for their daily lives.

Offer a free consultation which helps you to promote your brand and services as an industry expert. Behavioral economist, Dan Ariely from Duke University says "Reciprocity is a very, very strong instinct. If somebody does something for you, you really feel a rather surprisingly strong obligation to do something back for them".


Christmas is a perfect time to give a little back to your customer. In store experience or tempting customers in from your online offering can increase you spend per head and the opportunity to improve customer retention rates. It will help you up for a profitable new year!

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