Why nobody will understand a true best friend relationship.

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  • Author Lidia Huerta
  • Published March 24, 2018
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Why nobody will understand a true best friend relationship.

By: LH

It is often seen in films that friendship that we all deny to be real, that friendship in which two people, who once began as strangers, are completely and utterly drawn together like two magnets, and though many differences they seem to never have enough of each-other. It’s the type of friendship that is looked down at by average people because it is not an average everyday thing to find somebody whom you can connect deeply. And though it might seem as this might take a romantic turn I am actually writing about a girl’s friendship, in fact, the natural process of going from strangers to almost feeling such comfort that it becomes a familiar feeling, as if you’ve known the person your whole life and because of that, true friendships are based in respect and care.

Respect, love and care sound more like something you would expect from the ideal boyfriend, well, ladies, we often search for a boyfriend who’s just as crazy and great as our best friends because if we never get tired of somebody like our best friend chances are that man will never get us tired, and yes I mean "us" because that man must be ready to be accepted by the best friend, once that stage has been approved with high merit it will most likely be one hell of an amazing ride.

So why is it that average people tend to dislike closeness? "Movie-like" friendships? Why is it that people will try to get into the middle of what seems to be "an ideal" pair of friends, with such bond that is unbreakable?

Well, every question includes and answer; firstly, closeness is not easy and as much as people enjoy opening up they do not enjoy listening, how do you achieve full closeness when it is a one sided selfish service?

Let’s move on to the next thing, the "movie-like" impossible friendship, if it has been portrayed in films it is because chances are someone out there has experienced it but people yet find it hard to believe as it seems "too good to be true" and accept it or not humans adore to focus on the negative aspects of life, on the ‘dull reality’ and the ‘impossibility’ in things so why would anybody ever want to accept that "movie like" friendships are actually acceptable and existent when they have not found that? That’d make their existence slightly more miserable and nobody wants that.

Last but not least, "the unbreakable bond", again, people, humans detest strength in others when they do not have it in themselves, it is a self reflection of insecurity, of lack of confidence in themselves, they do not want to believe there are people who are willing to fight so hard to take care of each other, push each other to be successful or happy or both, because once again going back to the beginning of this question-answering game, the big thing is: if people don’t have it they don’t want others to have it, natural jealousy is so common, some of us get to be lucky to realise how inhabitable this is in our bodies and we get rid of it and some others let the jealousy sink in and try their bests shots at ruining marvellous friendships with gossip or trash talking for the sake of feeling better with themselves, as if in a way that’s a mode of self assurance that what they have thought all along, all those false theories about "they must truly not give a damn about each other" are true.

Sadly, my dear common people, there are unbreakable bonds that gladly do exist and unfortunately make the world a bit of a happier place. Hopefully you will one day find that bond, in a stranger and they will eventually turn into one of those people you would get arrested for.

Lidia is a catalan creative article writer and filmmaker based in London.

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