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  • Published April 5, 2018
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Outsourcing print and mail services can reduce expenses saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars, per year. Outsourcing helps companies save more than 20% on their annual printing budgets. Online services compliment this with ready-to-use print to mail drivers and options. Print to mail outsourcing has continued to grow with advancing technology since the onset of electronic mailing.

Communication bottleneck, is defined as ‘a limitation in a system or process that prevents the system from moving faster’. When this happens, the whole business process and system gets affected and delayed. Any amount of communication a business can deliver might be limited by these suddenly occurring bottlenecks. This delays potentially limit the business growth. This initiates most companies to opt for print to mail outsourcing for smooth handling of print and mail services.

The outsourcing partners provide automated system and information on applicable US postage charges and regulations. Outsourcing partners can benefit from using equipment for multiple clients thereby reducing equipment costs of companies. Various businesses need different print and mail services, outsourcers can help choose the best cost-effective service.

Outsourcing print and mail services, at any level of company need, is better to avoid bottleneck challenges and operational stoppages. The outsourcer helps you sort out any issues and helps your company grow successful.

Reason for Outsourcing Print and Mail Services

Cost Saving

Print and mail equipment is costly, and needs trained manual labor to operate plus manual sorting consumes more time. Outsourcing helps overrule these issues and is beneficial on saving postage costs.


100% compatible mailroom for a business has strong security levels that cover all aspects of secure data management. Outsourcing partner meets delivery of secure and confidential documents for national and international clients including financial organizations, utility companies and healthcare centers.


ISO certified outsourcing print to mail services have high quality mailing procedures and specification standards.

Backup (Disaster Recovery)

Business entities are always prone to disaster due to sudden power failure or server crashes. Outsourcing companies have disaster plans to retain the business flow in line.

Space Saving

Printing and using envelopes takes more space to file records. Outsourcing is an automated process that helps save space.

Outsourcing may seem terrifying at first, but there are so many benefits that come with this solution.

Outsourcing print and mail services are the key features provided by Automail. Our print to mail outsourcing offers secure and reliable print and mail services.

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