Should I wear a three piece suit for the American people, so that nobody ever needs a job?

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  • Author Thomas H Cullen
  • Published April 23, 2018
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It goes without saying, that the basic idea of wearing a three piece suit is horny. The excessive clothing is horny, and the prospect of looking in the mirror while wearing one is horny. However, can the three piece suit become a kind of excessive power?

Jobs are a nuisance. Even if somebody supports jobs, they’d be disingenuous to deny that jobs aren’t the ideal routine of life; a true work-life balance is one that doesn’t involve jobs. With that being the case, it feels appropriate – and perhaps horny, but perhaps not – to try to tie jobs and three piece suits together – to make the ambition of one into the argument against the other.

Making jobs redundant is great, but in the long run, it’s just as important that if jobs go, they go in a particular way. It’s the proposition, in this case, that the way to go is to not just have me wear a three piece suit, but to have me wear a three piece suit for all of the American people.

If a person wears a three piece suit, for just a particular person, the effect is usually standard; the very DNA of culture and society is such behaviour. However, if a person wears a three piece suit for an entire population – in this case the population of the United States – then the effect stops being standard in any context, and becomes unequivocally unique.

The real heart of the issue, is to do with testing the power of the experience of the three piece suit.

Suppose jobs had nothing to do with this. Suppose the issue were just to do with me wearing a three piece suit for the American people, and that’s all there is to it: obviously, the power still exists, but is the power undermined by the state of jobs being lost?

If jobs are a prearranged part of the scenario, does that hurt the concept of me wearing a three piece suit for everyone who lives in the United States?

To be perfectly frank, jobs and three piece suits bear no intrinsic relation to each other. Yes, three piece suits are the backbone of capitalist routine, but even so, three piece suits have all their horniness and all their stimulation without any such routine – so this suggests that no, putting jobs into the equation has no bearing on the status of me wearing a three piece suit for the American people.

Jobs can go, but in no way or shape or form does their going need to be at the expense of the sensual and sexual nature of me wanting to dress up for the American people.

That being said: it would be an honour and a true privilege to do away with jobs by feeling squeezed and tight for all Americans

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