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  • Published May 24, 2018
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Do you remember all the fun you had as kid camping with your parents? I do. Let’s look at some great memories of the adventures of camping.

Sitting on an old log around a campfire is the best part of camping. Lawn chairs can come in handy also. This is the time to relax and enjoy being with family or friends. You can sing along with familiar tunes or even play a guitar for a sing along. The radio from your truck can also be great entertainment. So start packing for the weekend of you life, enjoying the great outdoors.

You always want to be aware of where you are camping and your surroundings. Never trespass on someone else's land and always look for places that are safe. If you are camping in a tent try to find a nice level spot to set up your tent. If you are camping with a truck bed tent you can camp just about anywhere. Once when I was a young girl my Dad took us camping near a river. We clear off a spot in the middle of the woods with an ax and he just back the truck right into the spot. We stayed there a weekend and had the best time. Those were the days. Camping at it’s best!

If you are camping with children you should always have extra activities to keep them entertained. Shovels and buckets for playing in the dirt or sand are important to have. Yard darts are ideal for playing and in cause it rains. You can always carry board games when camping and of course playing cards. When I camped by the river as a kid we would use shovels to build a mud slide down the river banks when we went swimming. This was a blast!

It is a rule of thumb that when you are camping take only photos and leave only footprints. Use only natural resources that you need and do not leave any traces that you were camping. Pick up all trash, extinguish and put out any fire pits. Make the area where you camped look exactly as it did when you found it. We all know the importance of a campfire. It makes camping so much fun, so always take caution.

Once you have the campfire going you need to get out the supplies for S'mores. S’mores are the main part of any camping trip. Be sure and pack graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows so you can enjoy the the best part of camping. You just toast the marshmallows, then make it the filling to a graham cracker/chocolate sandwich. When you have a S’more, you will want 'some more'--bring enough for everyone to have at least two of them!

I have many fond memories of camping. They really help me to remember my parent that are now gone. I hope the information provided here helps you realize the importance of camping with your family and taking the time to get out and take in mother nature. Making it a memorable trip will instill the importance of camping and spending time with family. Remember this is camping at it’s best.

Sherri Burris is a person who loves to camp and has been camping her whole life. She enjoys spending time in the outdoors and being in nature. Her favorite place to camp with her truck bed tent is at a local lake. Check out the many ways of camping at her website

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