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A book report tells others what the book entails. College level students encounter report-writing tasks in the course of their class work. In Academic writing, a book report follows various formats.

  • The Title

The book heading found on the cover of the book is the book title used in the report. Academic writing demands of every book report to have a title. The title should stand out from the rest of the text. College level students should include their names as the authors of the report. Leaving out the title will confuse the readers, as they will not figure out what the writer is reviewing. The title labels the whole book review work.

  • Introduction

This book review segment comes after the title and involves the formulation of the theme sentence. The theme statement in academic writing is the main idea of the story. At this introduction level, the approach used in reviewing either hooks or lose the attention of the readers. Reviewers should give a brief overview of an interesting part in the book as a way of urging the audience to read the book. College level students should practice how to write enticing book introduction as part of polishing their academic writing skills.

  • The Body

The body of the book report begins with a detailed description of the themes in the book. It holds the most weight in this academic writing process. One method of knowing how to write a good report body is dividing it into segment paragraphs of a beginning, middle and ending. The concentration should mainly be on the main character in the book. Students should perfect book body writing skills in their college level.

  • Summary

The book report conclusion should set out answers to questions posed by the report. The conclusion brings up all the themes in the book and ties them together under one agreeing statement. College level conclusions should make comparisons avoided in other parts at this point if there is any. The sentences should be short, unambiguous and provide the reader with a clear understanding of any future action to take.

  • Recommendation

A method on how to write a good report is by noting the recommendation information. This is a personal statement of the reporter regarding certain issues in the book. Students should aim at recommending the various sections they found interesting in the book and those that will benefit the audience of the report. Readers judge the sincerity and accuracy of the report writer using these recommendations. Students should not write reports before reading the whole book.

  • Illustrator

In some books, reports include illustrators who give the occurrences in the book. An academic writing dictates the mentioning of these illustrators in the book.

  • Fiction books

Fiction book review contains the setting, characters and plot. Setting described as where and when the story takes place Nonfiction book review entails the written about the book and facts from the book. Students should Practice on writing impressive, informative, and convincing book reports in order to score good grades in their course.

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