How to Arrange a Wine and Paint Party

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  • Published July 26, 2018
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Do you want to explore your creativity while taking a sip or two?

If the answer is yes and you’re searching for wine and paint nj, you’re in the right place. Hanging out with family and friends is more fun and creative with these 2 or 3 hours session.

What is it?

I know that a lot of you already know what paint and sip stand for but this portion is to enlighten the ones who haven't heard of it yet. This setup has become popular since 2007. Many art training institutes offer this wonderful service to those who love to drink and thought of giving a chance to paint. It's not serious art class. It's more like a hangout in a group. In these sessions with professional artists, you can bring your favorite snacks and drinks. If the institution has a license, they can also serve drinks.

Not only will you get an environment that will help you bring out your inner creativity, but you will also get to learn from experienced instructors who have seen and done it all themselves. Whether you have an artistic side to you and have been painting for a while or are a beginner who fancies becoming a good painter, our wine and painting classes will surely help you fulfill your desire.

It is said that the perfect art doesn't exist. But, with a natural, fun, and stress-free environment to paint, you will reach much closer to creating perfection. Join us for an imaginative, engaging adventure that is unquestionably going to help you develop your artistic skills.

How to arrange it in your place?

Yes, you can do it in your place too. The only difference will be that you won't have a trained professional to help you with the painting unless you hire one. With the following items mentioned below, you can arrange your own wine and paint in New Jersey.

  1. Buy a bottle of wine or your favorite drink. The setup is BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle). So, you don't have to necessarily buy one.

  2. Buy an acrylic paint set or other sets of your preference. One set can be shared easily amongst a group of four.

  3. Buy canvas panels. These panels are available on Amazon and each canvas costs a little over $1.

  4. Buy brush set. Each set consists of 12 different sized painting brushes. Each person will need a set.

  5. Buy paint pallets which are very light, easy to clean, and doesn't cost much.

  6. Buy plastic tablecloth to protect the table or ground from paint and drink spills.

  7. Buy plastic cups. These one-time use cups will be useful to rinse your brush while you're painting.

So, instead of spending time in a bar with only a drink or two without doing anything fun, you can book a session of wine and paint in NJ. You might be thinking where's fun painting, right? I'm not giving you reasons. Just attend a session and you'll know for yourself.

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