5 Tips To Having a Greener Lawn


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  • Published August 3, 2018
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Have you ever looked at your neighbour’s lawn and stared with envy as to why theirs is looking better? Or have you ever dreamed of having a green and luscious garden which everyone would look at with amazement? Or perhaps you want a greener lawn. All these are possible with a few simple tips. These tips are but are often neglected, causing your garden to be dull and brown. But by following these tips, you will surely be able not just to improve your lawn but to make it a beautiful landscape pleasing to the eyes.

Regular Weeding

One of the most problems in lawns is the weeds. They often grow up fast, and once you neglect to weed regularly, they take over. There are different types of plants and grasses in a lawn, so you have to be careful in determining which is which. If you can spare the time, it is advisable to weed the yard at least once a week or if you noticed that the growth is not so rapid, once every two weeks will do. When you weed, make sure to get to the bottom, which is the root. If you try to cut off the weeds, they will grow back hastily but weed through the origins will buy you more time.

Reticulation System

In hot countries such as Australia, a good recommendation has a retic Perth system. Various reticulation services offer excellent quality reticulation system including installation and maintenance. Having a good reticulation Perth system will ensure that your lawn is watered regularly with just the right amount of water. It is necessary to understand that lack of water and too much water is not a good thing for lawns. Not having enough water could mean the grass would die out or they will not grow properly. On the other hand, excessive water is also not good for them, and it might cause weeds to thrive instead. So to ensure that you have the best system, choose a reputable company for installation.

Lawn Fertilizers

Using a lawn fertiliser is strongly advised. There are many types of different applications so you may ask the supplier for the most appropriate one for your lawn. It will give proper nourishment to your grass and ensure adequate growth.

Lawn Mowing

Regular mowing of your lawn will ensure that it will look beautiful at all times. However, it is good to consider that lawn mowing is not done anytime you wish to. Mow your lawn when the grass is already about 3 ½ inches tall or when they are dry. Never mow your lawn when it is shorter than 2 to 2 ½ inches only. Following this rule may mean mowing your lawn more often, but inevitably, the result will be healthier and better lawns.

There are many other tips out there which you may try, but these are the basic ones. Try following these tips, and you will see improvement on your lawn. They may be simple, but they are essential tips for maintaining and improving gardens.

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