How Commercial Landscaping Perth Can Help Your Business Grow


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  • Published August 15, 2018
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Creating an inviting storefront or facility is an important factor in business growth. An unkempt or uninviting facade can deter customers from even setting foot on the premises. The exterior of a building is vital in forming a favourable first impression. Commercial landscaping companies such as Luke’s Landscaping can help your business form an appealing exterior. Commercial landscaping extends beyond just keeping the surrounding premises clean. It is a design of natural and architectural elements to enhance the appeal of your business and encourage growth of the brand.

Extension of Brand

The brand is a culmination of logos, colours and slogans that represent the face and the heart of a company. But the physical premises are just as important as an extension of that vein of branding. It can reinforce the message of your brand, be it modern and minimalist, fun and playful or calm and serene. When customers set foot on the facility, they can immediately get a sense of what that company stands for.

Invite and Encourage Customers

Creating an inviting space will enrich the experience of the customers visiting the facility and possibly encourage them to spend more time browsing or roaming the premises. You have the power to create any sort of landscape design to suit the needs of your customer, be it calm and soothing or modern and interactive.

Safety and Crowd Control

It is also possible to design functional elements such as signage to direct the flow of traffic if your facility caters to large numbers of customers at a time. An organised space will allow the customers to find their way around easily, allowing them to enjoy their experience without worrying about getting lost.

For commercial design projects, we at Luke’s Landscaping will send our professional landscape designers to meet you for a site consultation to assess the premises and to discuss the scope of work your project requires. We will then provide an extensive quote for your landscape design which will include a professional plan of the area, taking into account an array of factors such as site limitations, architectural elements, design influences, local weather conditions and all the work to be done to produce a landscape design that is tailored to suit your unique commercial property and create an attractive first impression for customers. We pride ourselves on providing high quality commercial landscaping services that transform the vision you have in mind into a tangible reality.

We value our work and strive to maintain a high standard of workmanship that exceed industry standards to provide our clients with the best service.Contact us today at 9493 1000 and let our team of innovative, experienced landscapers assist you with your commercial landscaping project.

If you’re looking for commercial landscaping services for your property, look no further than Luke’s Landscaping and Irrigation Services.

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