5 Tips to Buy Best Automatic Pool Covers


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  • Published September 7, 2018
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The backyard pool provides a lifestyle that can't be beaten from rambunctious playtime to elegant poolside parties. Your pool can provide years of bliss, and enjoyment for you, your family, and friends. While a pool is a lot of fun, owning a pool comes with a certain responsibility to ensure the safety of your guests, your family, and your neighbors at all times whether you're using the pool or not. With automatic safety pool covers for in-ground pools, keeping your pool safer has never been more convenient or more effective. An automatic built-in pool covers from The Custom Pool Pros are of a great deal.

  1. Automatic retractable pool covers

A complete package to keep your pool safe from all sorts of dirt and damage is the best automatic pool covers. The pool cover is only a fabric used in a way that it covers either indoor or outdoor swimming pools. The pool covers are retractable that is, it automatically comes out and goes in once operated, and keeps your pool clean. So make sure you consider this while you buy.

  1. Safety at its best

Let me tell you this thing, pool covers have become pretty much of a need for swimming pool owners not because it gained popularity. Perhaps, because the pool covers ensure safety at it's best. These keep your pool clean from debris regardless of the season and provides longevity to your pools. It ensures no one falls into pool accidentally, and so you must buy those in-ground pool covers which promise you the best safety.

  1. Know your type

This is actually one of the first requirements that are, you need to understand the functionality of the pool. Now you already know why swimming pool covers are beneficial for you, but you don't know what color, design or type should you choose or would be suitable for your pool. Here are few of the best options:

• Solar pool covers: prevents water from evaporating

• Mesh pool covers: water can pass through it (for example rainwater) but filters dirt & debris

• Enclosure covers: most effective. Covers the entire pool. Bit costly.

• Thermal covers: retains the heat of water

• Pool nets

• Sliding deck pool covers

• Automatic retractable covers

  1. Accessories

Do consider you need other accessories or not. You can have:

• Pool cover pumps

• Cover clips

• Water tube bags

• Cover Seals

  1. Cost maintenance

Pool covers usually do not cost much, but automatic pool covers may cost more than $3000 to install. But then you need to look at the bright side. Honestly, I don't think this cost is much since it saves you from all the hassle of maintenance you have to grow through all around the year along with high operation cost. So these automatic ones actually save you a lot of time, effort, and money.

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