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  • Published September 7, 2018
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Utilising FTTC Technologies

Generic Ethernet Access (GEA) / Ethernet Over FTTC (EoFTTC) uses FTTC and FTTP technologies to provide a non-contended path to the Internet. By 2016 about two thirds of the UK will be able receive this technology. It's comparatively low cost to install, speedy delivery times, and higher headlines speeds compared to EFM makes it a compelling option to consider if it's available in your area.

Unlike fibre leased lines or EFM, it doesn't benefit from symmetrical speeds for uploads and downloads. It comes in three variations with the ultimate speed being determined by the quality and length of your line in much the same way you would expect from traditional ADSL or FTTC. Where it differs itself is in the consistency of speed as it isn't subject to contention. Much like with it's EFM and leased line alternatives a service level agreement is in place to ensure you get the support you need around the clock with service credits available if targets aren't met.

GEA is ideal for clients who:

Place emphasis on higher download speeds than upload

Operate in an FTTC or FTTP enabled area

Require a quick delivery time to install a leased line solution

Require an unmetered and unrestricted alternative to traditional broadband

Need the peace of mind a 5 hour SLA can provide

Require download speeds of upto 80Mbps and upload speeds of upto 20Mbps

Prices start from £75 per month


Nationwide Access to Wireless Leased Lines

We are one of very few suppliers able to offer nationwide coverage of wireless leased lines. Utilising 100s of enabled Openreach exchanges we are able to offer speeds of up to 100Mb as long as point-to-point visibility is achievable. This technology has been particularly helpful where fibre construction charges are very high, or where a client requires technological resilience. This is not a cheap solution, but the costs can be considerably less where access via fibre is prohibitive.

To compliment our quoting tool for this product, we have integrated visibility of enabled exchanges into our infrastructure maps tool. This allows you to complete basic line of sight checks to see if the geography between the exchange and location lends itself to line of sight access, before looking further into building obstructions.

Wireless is ideal for clients who:

Require speeds of up to 100Mb

Perhaps in a rural location where delivering fibre will be difficult

Looking for technological resilience

Require an unmetered and unrestricted alternative to traditional broadband

Need SLA peace of mind

Did you know your business broadband can affect what levels of telephone systems there are available? With the ISDN switch off looming for 2025, businesses will need a futureproof telephone system.

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