Landscaping Garden Design Ideas for a Small Yard


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  • Published October 19, 2018
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WA is constantly expanding with development projects seemingly popping up on every corner. As the population grows and land becomes more scarce, limited space is available for homes, much less a yard or garden. As space becomes more minimal, creating an impressive and beautiful garden requires meticulous expertise and a designer’s eye. Here are a few landscaping ideas to consider when designing for a small yard space.

Attention to Detail

A keen eye and a great attention to detail are vital when dealing with a small yard space. There isn’t much room to work with so every element must be curated so as to create harmony within the space without compromising on the aesthetic vision. It is important to make sure that every element is intentionally chosen and placed as there is no softening effect of distance to disguise any imperfection: everything is seen up close and personal.

Make Use of Vertical Space

With minimal land space, consider working with vertical space. A vertical garden can be just as impactful whilst also maximizing the available space. There are plenty of options and creative solutions to creating a vertical garden. Build nooks and planters into the wall to create a stunning and functional display of herbs and plants. Hanging planters are also a creative and practical way to add more plants to your garden. Another option is to construct a display by stacking and mixing planters, pots, crates, or even coffee cans for an eclectic and rustic feeling.

Focal Point and Functionality

Every space needs a focal point and a function, regardless of size but it is essential in a smaller garden to create a statement and set the mood. Is this yard space meant for relaxation, entertainment or even just a cozy family play area? The focal point of your yard can be anything but some great options are a fireplace or fire pit to add liveliness, a water feature to soothe, a tree or even a bright pop of colour. Having a clear purpose and focal point will better direct the design of the space.

Balance and Proportion

Another good tip is to be mindful of the proportion of all the elements in yard. Create dimension by mixing things of different sizes but be wary of choosing something too large that could overpower the rest and throw off the balance. Carefully plan the negative space to enhance the elements of the landscape design Perth and create a unified composition. Too much clutter or too much empty space could make your garden appear messy and small. Pathways are a great way to lead the eye and make a space seem bigger than it is.

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