Does Cardonio Really Have Experience in Blockchain Projects?


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  • Published October 5, 2018
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Starting any project is truly tough, either for an individual or a company. A person, for instance, needs to have the funds to build sailboat, which is a sizeable undertaking that not many people can think of accomplishing. Aside from that, one would have to have the skills and knowhow to complete the job. Moreover, it would really be to one’s advantage to have the actual experience of building a sailboat or somewhat similar, at least.

All those are necessary, certainly. But here is the important issue: Do you really need to do everything by yourself? If you have the funds, can somebody else who is qualified do it for you or help you do it? This is a no-brainer actually. We have all heard of outsourcing. They used to simply call it "hiring" someone to help or to do something which you might easily do by yourself but prefer not to in order to free your time for other important things.

How do you think George Westinghouse put up his giant power company, Westinghouse Electric? By studying and knowing how to generate electricity and teaching his people to do it? No, he hired Nikola Tesla who had invented alternating current. And the rest is history.

Utilizing the same principle, Cardonio works along with industry experts who provide its core team with the skills needed to launch the company at the same time that new recruits and talents in the blockchain field are being hired to complete the organization. In the next year or two, Cardonio will grow even more in capability and in experience and will be able to make the market feel its presence and resilience.

A child does not have to know everything an older person does in order for it to enjoy the pleasures of life; for it is self-contained at its own level of existence. In the same way, a new company need not have to have everything a big company has in order to make a difference in the business world. Cardonio is not into rocket science or power generation. It simply aims to provide excellent financial service to its customers in the most straightforward and fundamental level, while allowing them to reap the benefits they would not get anywhere else. This is how Cardonio builds its company and also how it hopes to gain the trust of the financial community.

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