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  • Published September 19, 2018
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Even if you live in an area with decent air quality, air purification inside of the home is essential. Dust, pet dander, mold spores and other common air contaminants that typically occur indoors is easily ventilated with a proper air filtration or purifier system.

The price on home filtration and purifier systems are dependent on the brand. The more the investment, the more efficiently the unit will clear the air throughout the home. A standard air purifier system can range from $100 - $200, usually if you’re considering a device that will focus on filtering a single room. Entire home filtration systems can vary anywhere from $300 to $1,000 depending on the needs of your home and the compatibility it has for ventilation. We speak as a company that offers multiple brands to give customers the options they want, and we specialize in American Standard brands.

Purchasing a yearly service package is also beneficial when considering investing in a filtration system. This will help guarantee service should anything happen with a system you may not be familiar enough with to fix. Other companies may vary in prices, and our company only charges $60 for a year of maintenance.

Filtration and purifying systems provide amazing benefits for daily quality of living when it comes to controlling air quality within home. Various elusive chemicals, gases and particles have the potential to make people sick without ever being detected because they are found in everyday items.

Cigarette smoke, chemical cleaning products, fumes from specific craft supplies, pesticides, contaminants from household appliances and plastics, and personal grooming products are just some of the potential toxins that can remain in the air as you utilize them on a daily basis. Filtration systems will help to eliminate the intake the airborne particles from items such as these that can pose a threat to a person’s help. These systems can also help improve the health and quality of life for young children or elderly residents within a home that may have weaker immune systems when exposed to similar air contaminants.

Filtration systems may have the potential to increase your power bill, but only if the filter remains dirty and air flow is restricted through the system. When this occurs, the unit will use more energy in order to try to maintain the same standard of air filtration as it functions. Regularly changing your air filter on a system is an easy solution to avoid this potential increase in your utilities.

If you have additional questions when it comes to filtration systems or the aftermath of installation, feel free to contacts us! We’d be happy to answer them and in order to help you to be more informed about upgrading the air quality of your home.

As a Florida homeowner, you already know the importance of air conditioning in Fort Walton Beach and the surrounding areas. Let the specialists at Climate Makers help you install an Air Purification System in your Destin home today!

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