How Not Having a Responsive Website Design in 2018 Will Kill Your Traffic

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  • Author Amanda Lawson
  • Published December 4, 2018
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If you have done any research on creating website for your personal or business needs, than you have probably seen the words "Responsive Web Design". It simply means that the design of the website should respond to the screen size, platform and orientation of the website. Making it just as easy for users to view the website on a cell phone as on a computer or tablet.

The best and most up-to-date website designers already know this, and the even better web designers start with the mobile orientation of the website in mind when starting their project. Here’s why, 61% of a user’s time spent on a website is on a mobile platform as compared to 39% of time spent on a desktop platform.

Here are a few more key statistics about responsive website design:

•90% of consumers utilize multiple devices to visit the same website

•74% of users are more likely to return to a website if it is properly optimized for mobile usage

•61% of users may develop a more positive opinion of a company if a website delivers a positive mobile experience.

In addition to the ever-increasing numbers favoring mobile traffic, your website is more likely to have better search engine rankings when it is optimized properly. That’s without even mentioning that it creates a faster load time, which is critical to organic SEO ranking.

Don’t overlook the critical factors of a website design, having just a simple website up is no longer enough. The design and functionality elements of the website are critical.

Having a professional website can prove to be a boost to your overall business activity. It essentially legitimizes your business to potential customers who may otherwise not be familiar with it. On top of that, a website is virtually always accessible. Users can get 24/7 access to information about your business when the office is closed.

Mobile First?

In case you still aren’t sure about the benefits of having a responsive design, Google, the most widely utilized search engine as now looking at websites and ranking them utilizing their mobile design first! They started it on a smaller scale back in 2016 and have noticeably started apply it more often over the last few months.

Don’t get lost in the changes! Make sure you are working with a website design company that is on-top of industry changes. You can start with checking their website on your mobile device.

If you need help checking your website for compatibility, seeing how your website ranks online or checking out the page loading speed. We’re here to help! We will check your website for free and send you a video of our findings.

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