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  • Published November 16, 2018
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Our urgent care clinics can save the day when you or a loved one has an immediate medical need. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your urgent care visit.

  1. Know whether an urgent care clinic can handle your problem. Our urgent care clinics are not expressly for serious or life-threatening situations. If you’re having a true emergency, go to the ER. We can can handle minor injuries, such as animal bites, minor bone fractures, minor burns, minor sports injuries, and cuts that require suturing (stitches). We can also diagnose and treat minor illnesses, such as earaches, headaches, minor breathing problems, coughs, sore throats, high fevers, and flu.

  2. Make sure you're patient with the visit.

Our urgent care clinics take people on a first-come, first-served basis. Most of the time, this means your urgent care appointment will take 60 minutes or less. But there may be times when you will need to wait. We will do our best to see you as quickly as possible. Especially if you're in pain. That's never fun for anyone.

  1. Insurance Information

Please bring your insurance card and relevant information.

  1. Medical History

As a general rule, our urgent care clinics will not have your information on file for past medical records. Please be ready to share needed medical questions when you come in so we can help you best.

  1. Be Ready To See Your Doctor for Followup

Certain issues are best seen by your doctor for later visits and ongoing care. It will be dependent on your particular situation.

In closing, urgent care is there for you in you need immediate, non-life threatening care. - Welcome to Urgent Care. When you have an injury or have become sick and need medical treatment fast, waiting just isn’t an option. The staff at our Crestview, Niceville and Perdido Key Urgent Care clinics treat conditions that require prompt attention but are non-life-threatening.

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