Top Funeral Etiquette Tips


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  • Published November 16, 2018
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It is important to be prepared for funeral services. Funerals are a time where everyone in the room is going through some form of emotional pain. Our funeral directors have comprised a list of the most important etiquette tips to remember for the day of the service.

  1. Turn Off Your Phone

It would be a very poor look to have your phone go off in the middle of services. Make sure to turn it off completely, or at least make very sure the ringtones and sounds are silenced.

  1. Dress Code

These are somber occasions and should be treated as such. Traditional funeral attire is wearing black. For men, if you do not own a black suit, a dark suit and tie is normally acceptable.

  1. Be On Time

Funeral services do operate on a schedule. Being late may be considered rude and inconsiderate by some. It's best not to push this line if possible.

  1. Expressing Condolences

It is usually considered best to share one of your favorite memories of or with the deceased if you are unsure of what to say.

In closing, there are certain traditions to be observed during a funeral. Hopefully, the above is a good guide to properly observing these traditions. - Gentry Griffey Funeral Chapel and Crematory has been the premier North Knoxville Funeral Home since 1948.

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