Thinking Of Selling Your Home? Consider These Plumbing Upgrades?

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  • Published December 6, 2018
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It is great being able to sell your home and receiving a great return on your investment. Most buyers in Burbank look for homes that don’t require so much work to be done once moved in. Most people buy homes in Burbank because of the location and to be in a great community. It is important to take advantage of this opportunity and upgrade certain features in your home. For instance, many sellers spend money on new paint, flooring, and staging. Those are all a great way to be more appealing to potential buyers and receive a better profit for your home.

In addition, you may want to consider upgrading your home’s plumbing before listing the house. Continue reading below to find out how you can increase your home’s final sales price and your overall profit. After all, sometimes you have to spend some money to make some more money, right? Below are a few tips on what can make your home attractive to potential buyers as well as help you receive a better profit:

  1. The Toilets

No one really thinks that toilets catch as much as attention as they do to potential buyers when viewing a home. However, if your home has an old, stained, or unusual colored toilet, it can cause potential buyers to run the other way because it seems like the bathroom requires additional work to be done. A new buyer usually doesn’t want to worry about having to renovate the bathroom immediately after moving in. An old toilet will be a negative focal point even if the rest of the bathroom doesn’t need much work to be done.

If deciding to replace old toilets, consider installing an economic-friendly toilet. It has become a selling point that buyers who are looking to save money (and help the environment) will appreciate. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average toilet uses just over one-quarter of the household’s water. Therefore, installing toilets that are economic friendly, the new buyer will be able to save a large amount of water.

  1. The Fixtures

It is important to consider replacing any worn, broken, or outdated bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures. The potential buyer may believe that the house isn’t well cared for or may stress that they’ll have to spend more than they would desire to replace the old fixtures after they move in.

Replace the broken and outdated fixture for new ones by an experienced Burbank plumber. The new fixtures will grab the attention of potential buyers and they’ll make an entirely new stylistic theme that you can flaunt.

  1. Tankless Water Heater

A tankless water heater is definitely a noteworthy plumbing upgrade that can save the new owner money in the long haul, therefore buyers love to hear about new features like this in a potential buy. As indicated by the U.S. Department of Energy, if a home uses smaller quantities of high temperature water, then tankless water heaters are 24 to 34 percent more efficient than the standard tank models. For homes that utilize more high temperature water, tankless water heaters are typically between 8 and 14 percent more efficient.

The financial saving from a tankless water heater can turn into a noteworthy selling point to potential home buyers in Burbank. Beyond saving the homeowners money, these tanks will have high temperature water whenever it is desired. Rather than waiting several hours for hot water after a shower, a tankless model allows multiple family members to utilize hot water at the same time. Again, another selling point.

  1. Garbage Disposal

This is definitely something most people don’t notice in a home, until it is either broken or a home doesn’t have one! A garbage disposal may not be a necessity, but rather numerous homebuyers search for this accommodation when analyzing features in a potential buy. Rather than having to clear leftovers from dishes into the garbage (where it will sit and add unpleasant odors in your home), a disposal whisks the garbage away.

If your current garbage disposal is older and tends to not work properly or makes loud noises, contact Plumbing Boys and of our experienced Burbank plumbers can replace it with a new one!

Is your home in need of some plumbing upgrades before listing it for sale? Get in touch with us at our phone number for help or visit our website for more information. Our professional plumbers can help with any plumbing project you may have. We are a licensed plumbing company that has been serving residents of Burbank and surrounding cities for a decade. We provide quality plumbing service, at affordable prices! Give Plumbing Boys a call!

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