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Unlock lucrative investment opportunities in Serbia's booming real estate market. From mountain resorts like Tara, Zlatibor, and Kopaonik to spa destinations such as Vrnjacka and Sokobanja, explore high-demand areas with rising property values.

Looking for profitable investment opportunities? Real estate is a proven method of increasing your wealth, and it is suitable for inexperienced investors as well as it is very simple. Serbia is a good destination to invest in as its economy is rapidly developing, and the construction sector is booming due to a large inflow of immigrants. There are a lot of high-quality residential complexes being built, and cottages and apartments located near mountain and spa resorts are growing like mushrooms as well. You can invest in any piece of real estate you like to rent it out, and it will automatically give you the right to apply for a Serbian residence permit if you want to. It may lead to Serbian citizenship in the future, so you may get an EU passport in about 7 years if the country realizes its plan to join the European Union.

Want to know more about Serbia? Check here at the link below. This is our portal focused on Serbia and its opportunities for non-residents. We discuss setting up a company in Serbia, opening a personal or business bank account with a local bank, asset protection opportunities, investment, taxation, lifestyle, residence permits, and more. You can also get in touch with our specialist (use the live chat during business hours) and ask any questions or book a free one-on-one meeting to share our needs and doubts and find the best solution. We will help you invest in local real estate and open a bank account for your needs at an affordable fee in no time!

Mountain Resorts in Serbia

Serbian ski resorts, such as Tara, Zlatibor, and Kopaonik, attract a lot of tourists all year round. In the past few years, the number of overnight stays has shown a steady increase here. All available accommodations are usually occupied during the winter season, so you will have no problem finding clients: they will be after you.

The area which seems to be the most appealing for investors is Zlatibor. The number of visitors is on the increase, and there are a lot of hotels and new apartment buildings being constructed here to meet the demand. 80% more tourists visited this place in 2023 as compared to the previous year, which sounds really impressive! Two-thirds of all properties sold in the top 7 Serbian destinations in 2023 were located here. If you want to buy a piece of real estate here, be prepared to pay about 1,600 euros per square meter.

Spa Resorts in Serbia

This is a popular destination for investors with a long history. Tourists have been flocking here in recent years to take advantage of thermal and mineral waters used for the treatment of various medical conditions. Spa resorts are now facing fierce competition from each other.

For example, there are two popular spa destinations, Vrnjacka and Sokobanja. The latter is now winning over the former, being the most visited spa resort. Sokobanja also boasts a large number of high-quality restaurants offering varied dishes, which makes it a culinary mecca as well and adds to its appeal for visitors.

As a result, the demand for accommodation is on a steady increase, which encouraged construction companies to launch a number of promising projects here. Investors form the majority of those who buy accommodation here, and they get a good profit by renting cottages and apartments out to tourists.

Interested in buying a piece of real estate in Sokobanja? The price starts from 1,300 euros per square meter, and it will be a property located on the outskirts. If you want to purchase an apartment situated closer to the town center, the cost will rise to about 1,600 euros per square meter.

Belgrade: the Real Estate Heart of Serbia

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia that serves as the country’s cultural, political, and economic center, has always been extremely popular when it comes to acquiring real estate. 40% of all construction projects are located here, which speaks for itself. Here are the most recommendable areas of the capital where you can buy an apartment to rent it out:

Novi Beograd



Savski Venac


If you choose a piece of real estate in one of these districts, you will have to pay a higher price than elsewhere. However, you will get a return on investment more quickly, which is a tangible advantage – especially if you use your apartment for short-term rentals.

The price per square meter in the above districts ranges between 3,000 and 4,600 euros per square meter. We will help you find the best offers in the market – simply click on the link above and talk to our expert to get professional advice!

The rental cost is determined by the apartment’s size and location. In general, the more spacious is the property, the lower is the cost per square meter. An apartment with an area of 50 square meters costs from 700 to 1,200 euros a month depending on the conditions.

Studios and 1-bedroom pieces have been in high demand recently, which means that it would be a far-sighted move to invest in them. Belgrade is the most visited city in Serbia, and it is also a site for various business and cultural events, which provides a constant flow of visitors seeking a small apartment for a short stay.

Novi Sad: Another Good Option

Want to invest in urban real estate outside Belgrade? Novi Sad is the second-best destination you are sure to appreciate. Its economy and urban infrastructure are rapidly developing, and there are regular cultural events held here, which attracts a lot of people to the place. The cost of apartments in the city’s most popular areas reaches 2,000 euros per square meter. As for rental prices, expect to get 400 to 600 euros a month for a 50-square-meter apartment.


Buying property is a responsible move, and we will be happy to assist you throughout the whole procedure. We will help you with the choice, opening a bank account required to pay for the real estate, completing all the formalities (this will be especially helpful if you don’t know Serbian), and obtaining a local residence permit if you want to. Click on the above link to discover the country in more detail or reach our professional for advice!

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