When Should You See an Allergy Doctor in Lincoln Rather Than Your Family Practitioner?

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  • Author Travis Suave
  • Published November 30, 2018
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Most of us are accustomed to making an appointment with our family practitioners when it comes to dealing with things like colds and the flu. However, in some cases, you need a specialist with more than just general knowledge and training. Allergies are such a case – when should you see an allergy doctor in Lincoln, rather than making an appointment with your family practitioner?

You Always Seem to Be Sick – Do you feel like you’re always coming down with a virus or cold? Do you frequently have coughs or suffer from congestion? If this sound like you, a visit to an allergy doctor in Lincoln is probably a good idea. Some of the common symptoms of allergies can mimic those of colds, sinus infections and other sicknesses, and include:

• Nasal congestion

• Coughing

• Sneezing

• Wheezing

Your Known Allergies Are Causing Problems – Most of us suffer from allergies to some degree. They are often mild and can be controlled with over-the-counter medication. However, if your allergies are beginning to cause other health problems, such as sinus infections, or causing you difficulty breathing, you should make an appointment with an allergy doctor in Lincoln.

You Experience Allergy Symptoms Often – Spring and fall usually mean dealing with brief bouts of allergy symptoms for most people. However, if you are suffering from these symptoms for several months out of the year, an allergist can help you find the right medication to help you retake control over your life.

Your Allergies Are Keeping You from Doing Everyday Activities – Taking an antihistamine every now and then to control mild seasonal allergies is one thing. Having your allergies derail your life and prevent you from engaging in everyday activities is something else altogether. Working with an allergy doctor in Lincoln can help you find the right treatment option to regain your quality of life.

Over-the-Counter Medications Just Don’t Cut It – If you have been taking over-the-counter allergy medications and they just don’t seem to be doing the job anymore, an allergy doctor in Lincoln can help you find prescription medications that alleviate your symptoms and provide relief from your allergies.

You Suffer from Other Health Conditions – For many people, treating their allergies with over-the-counter medications is not possible. If you have diabetes or heart disease, for instance, you’ll need to work with an allergist to find a safe treatment method.

These are just a few of the instances in which working with an allergy doctor in Lincoln can provide you with benefits.

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