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Good health can be maintained/achieved by

having a healthy diet, regular exercise and good

sleep, health science, public health and self care

strategies also play a major role in maintaining

good health. Maintaining and achieving good

health is a continuous process, and include

changes in health care, health knowledge, health

practices, health strategies and organized

intervention by private, public, government and

non-governmental agencies for staying healthy.

The first step to maintaining/achieving good

health is by having a healthy diet that contain both plant and animal food that provide the required nutrients to the body.

These nutrients gives the body energy

and helps to keep the body running, nutrients help

in building and strengthening bones, muscles,

tendons and also regulate body processes. The

food guide pyramid helps us to know the

recommended food intake for each group

(carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, fat and oil,

sugars). Eating healthy food is important

because it helps to lower risks of heart disease

and some types of cancers and helps in

maintaining a healthy weight. The Mediterranean

diet is important here because it contains bio-

active supplements that promote good health.

Exercise helps to enhance the efficiency of a diet

and overall health, wellness and physical fitness.

It strengthens muscles and helps to improve the

cardiovascular system, exercise can be classified

into four different types, they are; Endurance,

Strength, Flexibility and Balance. Endurance

exercise helps in maintaining good health because

it help in elevating the heart rate and burn down

fat, endurance exercises include; brisk walking,

jogging, running, hiking, cycling, swimming,

skipping rope, rowing and playing tennis.…

Hence, sleeping is an important part of

maintaining sound health, sleeping helps our body

system to rest, relax and metabolize the stored

energy in the food we consumed. In children,

sleeping is very important for growth and

development of the body. Lack of sleep can cause

several chronic health problems, which may

include increase in weight, common cold and

some type of cancer. Adults(18yrs and above)

should get at least 7-9hours of sleep, while

younger children(0-17yrs) should get at least

9-17 hours of sleep daily for growth and

development of the body.

Furthermore, health science has been playing a

major role in improving health and wellness, there

are two main approaches to health science, the

first one is the study and research of the body

and health related issue to understands how

human function, and the application of that

knowledge to improve health and to prevent/cure

disease and other physical and mental problems.

The science develop on many sub-fields, including

biology, biochemistry, physics, epidemiology and

medical sociology. Applied health science enable

to understand and improve health applications in

areas such as health education, biomedical

engineering, biotechnology and public health .

Organized interventions to improve health are

based on the principles and procedures to

improve health, through health sciences provided

by experts in medicine, nursing, nutrition,

pharmacy, social work, psychology, occupational

therapy, physical therapy and other health care

professions. Clinical health professionals focus on

individual health while public health practitioners

focus on the communities and the populace.

Workplace health programs has also been

developed to focus on employees health while

school health services has also been developed to

improve the well-being of children.

Public health is the science and art of preventing

diseases and prolonging/promoting life through

efforts of organized and informed choices of

society, organizations, public and private

communities and individuals. Public health focus

on programs, policies, promotions, research,

campaigns, financing and control of public health

related issues. It can be applied in areas such as

maternal and child health, administration,

prevention, emergency, control and so on. Public

health is important because it helps to reduce

mortality rates in infants and children, and help to

increase the life expectancy of the public in


Personal health also contribute a lot to improving

our health and wellness as human beings,

personal health depends on steady and assisted

health actions taken by us on our health, these

health practices include personal hygiene practice

like bathing, hand washing with soap, brushing of teeth, storing, preparing and

handling food safety and so on.

It may also include sleeping patterns,

exercise, nutrition and environmental feature and

so on. Personal health depends on a person's

structure of life, relaxation, volunteering, positive

thinking and time management will help in

reducing stress and also help in increased

personal health.

Finally, Diet, exercise, sleeping helps a lot in maintaining a healthy life style, health science,public health and personal health are also a major contributor to maintaining a healthy life.

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people stay informed on health, wellness and

weight loss. For more information and in-depth

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