The App That Lets You Speak From The Grave

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  • Published January 7, 2019
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In the digital age where most things are made simplistically convenient, and formidably on point, a new app comes to clarify what’s left after dying. Just launched in early-December the new app from has made, of all things, creating a video will easy. Just sign up, pay a fee, input the contacts to be notified, and make a video will, living will, or last loving message. From there the app’s notification service will do the work. Upon the app user’s passing, it sends timely notifications via text or e-mail to set minds at ease and leave no inheritance to chance. Welcome to the simplest way to love the living from beyond the grave.

Helping to facilitate estate law & probate law practices while effectively making probate court unnecessary, the app cuts to the chase. Those ready to take the futuristic leap can make use of a 50% off code for pre-registration before the November 2018 launch date.

So, how does it work?

Free to download, offers five packages to choose from on an annual fee schedule. Upon payment, up to three "notifiers" are listed to alert of the user’s passing. App users will also input the phone numbers of friends and family who should be notified about their death. They will then record a will or last message and, when the time comes, the system will send the applicable recipients either an invitation to the funeral or a digital copy of the recorded videos. Though useful for everyone, the app is especially helpful for men and women in the military as video wills, video messages, and recipients can be changed at a moment’s notice.

Miss Kathy Carlton & JJ, Owner and Designer of Inc. said of the trend, "It’s tough to argue with someone’s wishes when they’re captured on a video. Court cases are proving that. So, we’ve jumped ahead of the trend by placing the power of a video will in the hands of our users. Now they can be assured that their will and last loving message is conveyed correctly. Moreover, it can show our members’ mental capacity at the time of the recording. They can also show the exact items they’re bequeathing privately. It’s a dignified way to meet the intended goals for everyone involved."

Reported by the Boston Globe, three cases recently foretold the beginning of a change in the criminal justice system via body camera video footage. The criminal cases in Massachusetts were overturned due to the footage being used as evidence. Now, something as simple as a mobile phone’s video capturing functionality has become a tremendous truth-teller and documentarian in a court of law.

"We’re committed to seeing their last wishes through to the end and beyond with integrity. So much so, in fact, that our members can purchase up to twenty years of the service and forget about it. We’ll handle the rest."

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About Inc.: Inc. is the parent company of which is a video e-mail and text notification service that alerts a curated contact list when a platform member has passed.

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