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Each and every gland in the human body has its own share of tasks to do. Like these, the Prostate Gland, a vital part of the male reproductive system,too has an important role. Like other types of Cancer, Prostate Cancer too sets off after the Cancer cells begin to multiply in the Prostate. This is also referred to as Carcinoma of the Prostate, and this deadly ailment strikes when there are significant changes occurring in the DNA of a usual Prostate cell. Age, family history, weight, height, environmental attributes, ethnicity, people with multiple sexual partners or being sexually active from an early age, also men who have has a Vasectomy procedure, etc. – can be few of the causes behind the beginning of Prostate Cancer.

Among the many treatment choices, a Prostatectomy Surgery is one of the most effective methods of treatment. With the help of this, the Prostate Gland and some of the surrounding tissues are removed. There are different surgical approaches to perform this procedure. In order to treatment Prostate Cancer, there is a wide spectrum of treatment options possible today. These include Chemotherapy, Cryotherapy, Hormone Therapy, CyberKnife Surgery and others. However, the surgical options are:

  • Radical Prostatectomy – This surgery involves removing the entire Prostate Gland, either through a huge cut or several small cuts

  • Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy – In this, a thin tube with a camera attached to it is inserted via small incisions. These incisions are made near the tumour and after this, specific surgical instruments are passed to reach the tumour and eliminate it

  • Robotic Surgery - It is the most advanced technique in which robotic arms replicate the actions of the surgeon’s hands

Best Hospitals for Prostate Cancer Treatment in India

The Indian hospitals have sped their way to reach the top of the healthcare industry, not only in India, but these hospitals are reputed all over the world; especially, for Prostate Cancer Treatment India, there are several hospitals. The hospitals are regularly updating their diagnostic and surgical infrastructure as well as adopting every kind of modern surgery. Few of the best hospitals for Prostate Cancer Treatment in Indiacan be:

  • Fortis Hospital

  • Max Healthcare

  • Lilavati Hospital

  • Hiranandani Hospital

  • Manipal Hospital

Like these, there are many more hospitals, which have raised the standards of healthcare services. These hospitals are seeing a continually rising footfall owing to their popularity.

Top Surgeons for Prostate Cancer Treatment in India

Be it any field of medicine, the names of Indian doctors and surgeons have to be there in the list of the best medical professionals. Similarly, when it comes to Cancer, the India Cancer experts have carved a niche for themselves and are looked upon by their peers from all over the globe. The top surgeons for Prostate Cancer Treatment in India have acquired a very sought-after position and not only the Indian patients but international patients too travel from different countries.

  • Dr. Chandan Choudhary – Dharamshila Narayana Super speciality Hospital, New Delhi

  • Dr. Ragavan Narasimhan – Apollo Speciality Cancer Hospital, Chennai

  • Dr. Dilip Raja – Wockhardt Hospital Central Mumbai

  • Dr. Arun Behl – Fortis Hospital, Mulund

  • Dr. Yuvaraja T. B – Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

These surgeons are highly proficient in the way they handle the different modes of Prostate Cancer treatment. Their association with the best hospitals for Prostate Cancer Treatment in India makes them all the more favoured.

Prostate Cancer Surgery Treatment Cost India

In this matter, India has captured the attention of patients from all across the globe, for offering maximum cost relief.Be it a patient from the most underprivileged corner of the world or how affluent the patient is, India welcomes all. Thus, Prostate Cancer Surgery Treatment Cost India is totally within the budget of these medical tourists and that’s why more and more of them are flocking to India. More specifically, Robotic Prostatectomy Cost in India is in an extremely affordable range - $35,000 in USA, $28,000 in UK and only $7,500 in India.

Availing Treatment with Forerunners Healthcare Consultants in India

While in India, the international patients can avail the assistance of Forerunners Healthcare Consultants, which is India’s leading medical tourism organization. The group of services that this organization offers, can make the whole treatment process, especially,related to Prostate Cancer Treatment India, much easier for the international patients. The services include:

  • 24/7 support from our staff

  • Transparent approach, without any compromise in the quality of services

  • We coordinate with the hospitals and surgeons for you

  • Planning your treatment with the top Surgeons for Prostate Cancer Treatment in India

  • We get the earliest possible appointments at the best hospitals for Prostate Cancer Treatment in India

  • Even if you do not have any referrals or insurance coverage, we still welcome you

  • Lowest possible Prostate Cancer Surgery Treatment Cost India; particularly, Robotic Prostatectomy Cost in India

  • Language translation services

  • Well-planned vacations plans

  • Follows ups to ensure your complete recovery; even after you are back in your country

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