Current Status And Prospects Of High Pressure Boiler Tubes


  • Author Joy Huang
  • Published January 17, 2019
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If the price of high-pressure boiler tubes is bearish, the iron ore price suggests a "helping fall" effect on steel prices, rather than a supporting effect. In the case of the micro-environment, investors should be more alert to the negative impact of falling raw material prices on steel prices, and investors will not overestimate the support effect of production on steel prices. Today, Zhongnan shopping malls offer stable prices, and most high-pressure boiler tubes are more cautious. It is necessary to adjust the fine-tuning according to the situation.

It is necessary to adhere to the fundamental orientation of a prudent monetary policy, adhere to a rational social financing plan, further optimize the credit layout, and pay more attention to the needs of the real economy. Due to the early taboo on inflationary pressures, the pre-adjustment of the monetary policy was slightly lower than expected. From the current situation of the shopping malls, the repetition of the policy means that the foundation of the quotation is unreliable. A large trader has indicated that the price increase of the high-pressure boiler tube store is not very good, and the price increase has little meaning.

The high inventory of steel mills followed the quotation of GB5310 high-pressure boiler tubes gradually transferred to the mall, the enthusiasm of merchants to get goods is more lively, so in this case, the author believes that this round of quotation upward pressure, high pressure boiler tube rebound fluctuations limited . The central bank lowered the deposit reserve ratio, which has a "immediate effect" on the domestic steel market, but the atmosphere in the market is still strong. According to the latest store statement, the trend of steel needs to be reduced, and there will be no major changes at the moment.

The domestic steel market can show the trend of long-term exploration, and businesses should have psychological preparations for a protracted war. According to the monitoring, in the recent week, the domestic spot steel shopping malls fell first and then stabilized. In the absence of support in the early stage, the market offer continued to weaken. In the latter part of the week, the determination of the steel market merchants was boosted by "immediateness" as the central bank lowered the deposit rate and the six foreign central banks joined forces to write liquidity. The bottom of the market offer has certain support.

However, on the whole, in the current situation of lack of security, the atmosphere of "seeing the market" in the shopping mall is still relatively strong. According to the analysis, in the flat-panel shopping malls dominated by plates, the prices of cold-rolled goods and galvanized goods fell the most. In the cold-rolled shopping mall, the reason lies in: on the one hand, the arrival of the arrival of resources, on the other hand, the local shopping malls are difficult to improve, some businesses in order to reduce the pressure on sales, continue to call back quotes.

The reduction in the deposit reserve ratio has made some merchants' views on the market outlook slightly better, but their volunteering is not strong. In the long-wood shopping malls that mainly built steel, the decline of Changsha shopping malls was the most significant. The locals have gradually entered the winter, and they need to follow the winter. The shopping malls are very quiet. Some merchants have indicated that through the previous rally, the local shopping malls have a higher level, in order to maintain the market share, the merchants are not allowed to call back the offer. If the climate in the later period continues to turn cold, it needs to be able to continue to weaken, and it is difficult for the mall to change its cautious attitude.

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