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  • Published January 23, 2019
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The computer games industry has become one of the most profitable and has caught up in the film industry and sports industry in terms of profit growth. The data became known after the publication in January of the current year of a report by two well-known analytical companies SuperData and Unity Technologies. The title of the report is more than saying: "It cannot stop and will not stop". Indeed, the global financial crisis does not so beneficially affect any sector of the economy: people have played and continue to play. Therefore, factors that would be able to stop the financial growth of the computer games industry do not yet exist.

The revenue of the gaming market in 2016 amounted to more than 90 billion US dollars and increased compared to the data for 2015 by 3 billion dollars. The most profitable segment was digital entertainment for mobile devices. Its yield increased by 23.6%. According to statistics, every sixth inhabitant of the planet at least once played on a mobile device. The popularity of "toys" is inherently associated with the development of gadgets and depends on it. Therefore, the improvement of mobile devices is only in the hands of the gaming industry.

Where the gaming industry is most profitable

Gamers from Asia: China, Japan, and South Korea made the biggest "contribution" to the growth of profits of the computer games industry. You can identify several reasons for this. First, the inhabitants of these developed countries are more actively using gadgets. Secondly, Asian gamers can afford to regularly invest a lot of money in the field of digital fun. At the same time, the Chinese do not have access to Google Play.

Electronic entertainment developers are seriously targeting Asian audiences. According to statistics, one Japanese gamer brings the gaming industry three times more income than its American "colleague." It should be borne in mind that the population of Japan is almost 2.5 times smaller than the United States, and, accordingly, there are more players in America.

What are the advantages of the gaming industry

Entertainment software association Experts recognize that the computer games industry has a future. The reasons for its rapid growth are mobility and the ability to respond to requests from different social and age groups. Download and run the game from anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet. In order to spend time on entertainment, you can use any gadget.

The age of the global audience of gamers is from 10 to 40 years. The most active age segment is 33-35 years. Michael Gallagher, president of the Entertainment Software Association, a leader in the US gaming industry, said their product could affect all areas of modern life: from education and business to art and leisure. However, social and MMO entertainments remain the most popular among all the world’s players for the current year.

Cybersport is one of the directions of the computer games industry. So far, its profitability is modest compared to income from entertainment for mobile devices. However, market researchers prophesy a great future for such a "sport". Worldwide championships are held on popular team entertainment, which gathers thousands of audiences. Fans pay for the right to watch the broadcast of matches, due to deductions from tickets, multimillion-dollar prize funds are formed.

Cybersport is interesting to investors. Cyber-sport organizations invest money in equipment, maintenance of teams, training bases, wages to cyber-trainers. As in traditional sports, tough competition and scandals, including doping ones, cannot be avoided here. Recently, the e-sports league has tightened measures for the use of drugs by players that stimulate brain activity, increase concentration and accelerate the reaction.

Online sweepstakes working with bets made on the results of competitions. Registered cases of match fixtures and situations where players bet on themselves. Despite scandals and unclean bets, eSports continues to enthrall the audience. And this hobby has already been seriously recognized by some professional sports journalists.

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