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Everest University (USA)

Everest University Online is a Division of Everest University which was established more than 100 years ago. University’s essential academic experience is now available for students who have no opportunity to study full-time. Everest University Online offers AS and BS degrees in the sphere of Information Technology.

Apart from providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills Everest University Online helps students in their job searching, assisting in CV preparation and Interview techniques.Besides, this university assists applicants in obtaining financial aid for study in Everest University Online.

Westwood College (USA)

Westwood College is focused at providing students with practical knowledge which will enable them to become professional practitioners in some specific field. Online education programs of Westwood College are very useful for people already working in IT sphere, since they can simultaneously work and study, improving their professional skills. Westwood College offers courses to obtain associate’s degree in Information Technology, or Bachelor degree in such spheres of Information Technology as Game Software Development, Cisco Network Systems, Computer Forensics, etc.

Keller Graduate School of Management (USA)

Keller Graduate School of Management is a branch of DeVry University. It offers online education for people who seek for further professional development, providing them with the degree of the respectful university which employers value highly. Keller Graduate School of Management offers students to obtain Master degree in Network and Communications Management. There are also online courses which provide students with certificates in Information Security, Wireless Communications, etc.

DeVry University (USA)

DeVry University, which is famous for graduates’ professional performances, offers online courses for students who cannot attend classes at the university. The study in the university is professionally-oriented, thus, students are provided with knowledge and skills they will particularly need in their professional life. DeVry University provides associate’s degree, and Bachelor’s degree in Web Graphic Design, Gaming and Simulation Programming, Computer Forensics, Enterprise Computing, Health Information Systems, etc.

Colorado Technical University (USA)

Colorado Technical University offers distance education for those who cannot study in the university full-time. Apart from online classes, socializing with tutors and fellow students, online students are also involved in extra academic activities. Online programs of this university offer career motivated study. The online students can obtain Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Software Systems Engineering, Web Development, Enterprise Information Systems, IT Management, etc.

Baker College (USA)

Baker College started providing online education services in 1990s, and it was one of the first educational institutions to foresee the promising perspectives of these services. Baker College offers students certificates and degrees in different spheres. Thus, in the sphere of Information Technology Baker College offers to obtain the certificate in Web Development; Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Project Management and Planning, Computer Science, Game Software Development, etc.

Walden University (USA)

Walden University offers a wide range of online services. The online study in this university includes possibility to obtain doctoral degrees, communication with peers and tutors and participation in seminars. This university programs are designed to provide students with vast academic knowledge and professional skills. Special attention is paid to further academic development and obtaining doctoral degree. Online students of Walden University can obtain Certificates, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree almost in each sphere of Information Technology.

Thus, nowadays students and professionals who want to continue self development in the sphere of IT, or need to obtain some specific certificate or degree are able to do it in the most appropriate time and place. The only thing they need is to choose the right university or college.

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