4 Tips for Effective Garden Landscaping: Perth Expert Advice


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  • Published March 16, 2019
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When they consider hiring landscapers Perth residents are often keen to have a garden that they can enjoy and that will boost their curb appeal. One of the most

challenging elements in any modern garden here in WA is a lush lawn. Many of us have sandy soil, restrictions on sprinkler use and other factors that can be a real

challenge. In this article, we will look at four tips to getting a lush green lawn.

  1. Get Your Soil Tested

The quality of your soil is a major factor in the health of your garden, and it’s essential to get it tested before you take any further steps. The soil pH level will

be measured on a scale from 1 right up to 14, and it will determine the available nutrient levels. A good pH level for gardening purposes would be 6.5 which is

slightly acidic. If the soil is compacted the pore space is removed and air cannot circulate through, which will hamper essential things, such as root activity, air

movement, water distribution and the availability of nutrients. The soil texture is also important, here in Perth many of us have sandy soil, and this can also affect

how you set your garden up for watering due to water repellant issues.

  1. Choosing an Irrigation System

A good irrigation system or reticulation service will be essential if you want to grow and maintain a lush green lawn. Like any plant, grass needs water to survive and

thrive, and adequate irrigation and coverage will be a crucial concern. Many people are now making a switch to a smart irrigation system that will make important

watering decisions automatically. This will include water based on local weather conditions and checking the moisture in the soil to avoid overwatering. A system like

this will save water and lower your water bills.

  1. Choosing a Good Fertiliser

Every great lawn will have a feeding regime that uses a good quality fertiliser. This will be largely based on your lawn pH level, and this is another reason why you

should test your soil first. Many fertiliser products are nutrient dense, and when they are used, you may even notice almost instant results. Many gardens lack the

essential nutrients that are needed for optimal lush growth, and they may quickly respond to this treatment. Another option would be an organic fertiliser product that

will be a slow release solution that may take longer to work, but it will have more long lasting results. Here in Perth, we have sandy soil, so it’s a great idea to

fertilise more often, but use less fertiliser and irrigate regularly for a lush lawn.

  1. Choosing a Lawn Cut

It may seem strange, but the length of cut that you use on your lawn will have a dramatic effect on its health. This cut will vary a great deal depending on your

particular grass selection. The length will also vary depending on the season and cutting higher on the run up to winter is a sound strategy.

If they are looking for reliable garden reticulation Perth, residents should contact Luke’s Landscaping for expert help.

If they are looking for reliable garden reticulation Perth, residents should contact Luke’s Landscaping for expert help.

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