4 Ways to Troubleshoot a Retic: Perth Expert Advice


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  • Published March 14, 2019
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When they take the plunge and install a retic, Perth residents are making an investment in the health of their gardens and lawns. However, an irrigation Perth system can only be effective if it’s working as intended and if it isn’t it could even harm your garden. In this article, we will look at four ways to troubleshoot your irrigation system if you suspect you have a problem.

  1. A Basic Once Over

Even if you don’t know much about your irrigation system, it’s worth giving it a once over yourself if you’re not getting the desired results. Sometimes a problem can be obvious; maybe a hose has worked loose, or a single sprinkler head isn’t working. This may help you to find a fix yourself, but if you contact Luke’s Landscaping, it will give us vital clues on the cause of the problem. Identifying the source of the irrigation issue is often harder than fixing it in many cases.

  1. Look for Leaking Around the Valve

A water leak is a very common cause of irrigation problems, and a broken sprinkler valve is a likely culprit. When a valve leaks, it can be caused by a wide variety of reasons, and it can take some detective work to establish the exact cause. Find out where the leak is coming from, such as the anti-siphon part, the solenoid or the valve housing itself. Some of these valve parts are cheap to replace, and others don’t make much sense to repair at all. In certain cases, it may be cheaper to simply replace the entire valve.

  1. A Lack of Water Supplied to the Sprinkler Heads

You may notice that the sprinkler heads seem to be little to no water and yet the valve is turned on. This could indicate that the valve has gone bad or there could be a water pressure issue. Sprinkler water pressure issues can often be caused by a faulty sprinkler valve that will not allow an adequate amount of water to reach the sprinkler head. A good first step is to isolate the source of the problem, turn the valve all the way on and check if that’s the only valve affected or if others have the same problem. If only that sprinkler valve is affected, it’s probably a fault in the valve, if others are also affected; it could be the pressure vacuum breaker or the main sprinkler shut off.

  1. The Sprinkler Valve Will Not Turn On

The sprinkler valve should turn on automatically when your timer is activated. If the valve will not turn on it could be a bad valve, or it’s possible that there is a wiring problem. This can easily be established by manually turning on the sprinkler valve to identify any electrical problems. Be sure to check the wiring for signs of wear and tear; there should be no cuts or breaks in any cabling. If you cannot establish the cause, contact a professional for assistance.

If they need solutions to problems related to reticulation Perth, homeowners should contact Luke’s Landscaping for expert help.

If they need solutions to problems related to reticulation Perth, homeowners should contact Luke’s Landscaping for expert help.

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