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  • Author Zac Jacobsen
  • Published February 28, 2019
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There are many reasons to choose a trademark attorney. For some, hiring a lawyer may seem out of the question due to the cost. With a filing fee of at least $275 that can be a burden to up and coming businesses who are trying to get started. But if the filing of the documents doesn’t complete the process you could be out of the money and still have no trademark. It is important to know the hurdles associated with applying for intellectual property. A trademark attorney in Salt Lake City can help you determine which route would be best for you to take in regards to your intellectual property. We can identify problems that might arise with a trademark registration. An experienced trademark attorney can conduct a thorough trademark search to determine that your filing is not implicated by other trademarks not registered by the USPTO. They will help you identify the strengths and advise you on choosing a strong mark, explain how to give the mark as much protection as possible, prepare all necessary information to prepare for the hurdles of the USPTO, respond to issues that may arise, and help enforce your trademark in the future. Often times without the help of a licensed trademark attorney you will find that individuals select an improper filing, submit improper specimens, or choose the wrong category to classify under. In the long run it may be more expensive to try to file a trademark on your own. After the countless hours, hurdles, red tape, and frustration it would save you time and, most likely, money to choose a trademark attorney. Help with a trademark before, after, and during the process will take filing for a trademark easier than ever. Take the guesswork out and use a trademark attorney in Salt Lake City to help gain the rights you deserve for your intellectual property. Many small businesses owners may be operating under a name that is currently trademarked. By doing so you risk losing a legal battle and possibly your business. Protect yourself beforehand with a trademark attorney who can help you overcome the legalities associated with filing for a trademark. Finding a trademark attorney who is experienced, affordable, knowledgeable, convenient, and friendly will go a long way when you determine to make the right steps and ensure that your business and intellectual property will be protected for years to come. and Steve Rhinehart will help you claim a trademark for your design, company, or brand. Contact us today.

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