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  • Published March 18, 2019
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When it comes to cannabis, there is an age-old story told by many teenagers about how they would steal marijuana from mom or dad’s sock drawer before sneaking off with friends. Most of these tales of rebellious teens are simply the product of harmless youth experimentation. However, with medical marijuana there are real risks involved with youth access to these prescribed strains.

First, one must consider that many edibles look like regular snacks or candies. Despite legal requirements for careful labeling of all edible products, it is easy for a young child to mistake a medical marijuana edible for a normal, safe treat.

Even with older children, medical marijuana should be treated like any other prescription drug; carefully locked away and kept out of sight. Kids tend to emulate adults, and while marijuana may not be poisonous like many other pharmaceuticals, the effects of heavy dosage can still be potentially dangerous.

If you are prescribed medical marijuana, you have a duty to ensure you store your medication safely, and responsibly, to prevent it from falling into the hands of others. In this article, we look at a few products that can help you "secure your stash".

  1. SwagGear Stash Box

This product is specifically designed for storing your medical marijuana supply. With odor control, humidity control, and a combination padlock, SwagGear’s Stash Box has gotten good reviews on Amazon and is worth looking into.

  1. Medication Box for Refrigerator

There are some edibles that fare much better when stored in the refrigerator. However, if not properly secured it’s all too easy for others to eat your prescription edibles, either by mistake or on purpose. This is an interesting product as it mounts securely into the refrigerator and uses a key lock to keep others from opening the drawer.

  1. NoSho Hidden Lock Box

There are many stash boxes that can be disguised as regular household items, but few are as secure as the NoSho Hidden Lock Box. You can slide this lock box into any standard box of tissues to easily keep it out of sight, but even if someone does catch onto your tricks, the box is locked by a powerful magnet. To open it you simply need the magnet key, which is easy to conceal.

  1. STASHLOGIX Locking Stash Bag

Odor proof but also sleek in design, this bag would be easy to tuck away for travel, or slip into a drawer out of site. A small combination lock prevents others from opening it.

  1. Secret Stash Boxes

There are dozens of stash boxes that resemble household items but have an empty space for securing your prescription marijuana. While this is a discrete (and often affordable) option, keep in mind that you should only access these stash boxes in privacy or else they will quickly fail to be a "secret".

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