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  • Published March 19, 2019
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Why do customers prefer live chat customer services?

Several studies have revealed that customers feel the highest levels of satisfaction when they use live chat as opposed to email, social media or other forms of communication.

There are several reasons why they prefer Online Live Chat Customer Service:

Chatting is something consumers are used to and comfortable with. It is not something that is a force fit in their lifestyle.

They can multitask while carrying on a conversation with a customer service executive, while performing their routine tasks or chores. They don’t have to take time out from their busy lives to find a solution to their problem.

In the case of an online live chat, customers don’t have to wait to get a reply to their emails or texts. There is no delay and they receive an instant (or near immediate) response and resolve their problem.

It helps the customer save time and energy because they have someone helping them find a solution. This makes their life easier and brings down frustration levels considerably.

A happy customer is a repeat customer. What’s more, live chats can also lead to conversions. A professional answering their queries can turn a visitor into a customer.

Unlike calling a company to resolve an issue and paying the call charges, live chats are free.

Customer Support Services can solve more than one issue at a time over a live chat.

Customer service executives can also talk to each other and share insights and tips, increasing efficiency and ensuring quicker problem solving.

In case of an irate customer, a live chat defuses the situation quickly, before it is escalated to social media.

It is a cost-effective way to gather customer feedback and analyse their experience.

Recordings of conversations are an invaluable source of customer information – where they are based, what device they are on, how they react, what they appreciate and so on. This data can be used to formulate the best possible sales approach to target customers.

It can be leveraged as a marketing tool to roll out targeted promotions, offers and incentives to customers. When customers spend more time on a website talking to agents, chances are that they will make more purchases.

Outsourcing online live chat customer services to the experts is a simple, swift, cost-effective way to support customers, ensure high levels of satisfaction and build a strong relationship with them.

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