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  • Author Henry Jones
  • Published April 8, 2019
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As the file system of every version of Windows from Windows 2000 onwards, NTFS is by far the most common file system in the world. In fact, most new hard drives and other storage devices come preformatted using the NTFS file system. Simply put, it's the industry standard in consumer computing, yet macOS provides very little in the way of native support for it. Those using Macintosh computers will find themselves heavily restricted when trying to connect an NTFS-formatted drive such as an external hard disk or USB pen drive. By default, for example, you cannot write any data to NTFS drives if they're connected to a device running macOS, although you should be able to still read the data. There are workarounds, but without any additional software, writing information to the drive requires you to format it using another file system. Naturally, that means deleting all the original data on the drive, which is hardly a desirable outcome.

Enjoy Native-Like Support for the NTFS File System

Although highly acclaimed for their ease of use, excellent feature sets and unrivalled security, Apple devices have long been criticized for their near total lack of interoperability with other platforms. However, thanks to Tuxera NTFS for Mac, that no longer needs to be the case. This solution doesn't only allow you to access files stored on an NTFS-formatted drive - it lets you use the drive just as you would use it if it were running on the proprietary Apple File System. It provides a rich range of features to enable excellent ease of use and complete control and protection over your data. Furthermore, the setup process couldn't be easier, and it allows you to work with drives divided into multiple logical partitions, even if all those partitions are NTFS-formatted. The latest version works with every version of the Macintosh operating system from OS X 10.4 to the current version of macOS. For true, native-like performance, Tuxera NTFS also gives you access to NTFS-specific features, such as data encryption, extended file attributes and virtualization.

Minimal Learning Curve for Both Casual and Advanced Users

Tuxera NTFS is a truly plug-and-play solution that doesn't require learning anything new or going through extensive documentations. It's designed to overcome the complexities of working with NTFS drives in macOS and negate the necessity for complicated, time-consuming or unreliable workarounds. Whether you're a casual user simply trying to access files on a pen drive that your friend lent you, or you're an enthusiast of both Windows and macOS, Tuxera NTFS has you covered. It functions intuitively, and there are no extra things to learn. As soon as you've installed the program, you can start copying, editing and deleting data without any issues. Moreover, you can effortlessly manage partitions with the included disk utility app. In the end, working with NTFS drives will be just as easy and reliable as it is when using a computer running Windows. If you don't have a Windows machine, yet you routinely handle data on NTFS drives, then Tuxera NTFS will quickly become an invaluable tool in your collection.

Henry Jones is a data-migration specialist who regularly uses software like Tuxera NTFS to move data from one platform to another without unnecessary complications.

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