7 Tips for Outsourcing Mobile App Development

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  • Author Natalia Arciszewska
  • Published April 16, 2019
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It's good to know tips for every issue, especially outsourcing. The outsourcing is solution for problems with budget or lack of tech team. The benefits from outsourcing IT are for example: significant costs reduction, highly qualified experts, access to innovative technologies, become more competitive on your market and high quality software development. I noticed that applications outsourcing companies are more and more popular. A lot of companies decide to collaboration with them so I present 7 tips for Outsourcing Mobile App Development. It's important to read it if you would like to have unique and effective results.

  1. Defining your requirements

It's important to know what you want out of your app. You should define it before you will looking outsourcing IT companies. I prepared several questions for you:

  • Who is your clients?

  • What is the purpose of this app?

  • What are the features of your app?

  • Is free or paid app?

  • What platform do you prefer?

  • What will be the revenue generation model?

  • Is it native or hybrid app?

You must know answers if you want to receive an application in line with expectations.

  1. Identifying and choosing right partner

You should spend a lot of time to finding trusted outsourcing company. This company should have experience with creating mobile app. You can ask the questions, check references and see their portfolio.

  1. Communication

You should know that communication is the most important part of collaboration. You must be sure that your developer isn't afraid to ask the questions and answer in quick time. If you avoid communication, it can be reason of conflicts, mistakes or costs. It's important to choose suitable communication channel. You should specify when every

channel should be use. You should hearing your partner.

  1. Asking the questions

You shouldn't be afraid. You can ask your partner about everything, especially portfolio, experience, work process. You should feel comfortable if you will work with this mobile developers.

  1. Having clear expectations

You should clearly definite payment terms, requirements, revisions. It's important if you don't want to waste time or money.

If you don't have clear requirements, you will have problems in projects.

  1. Planning

You can create plan of projects or you can ask developers about it. It's simplify ending a projects and improve an app development. The plan contains every task. It's better when you end one and next you start another. It can help avoid mistakes.

  1. Collaboration with partners

It's important to let your partners present their thoughts, opinions, suggestions on strategies or requirements. It can help you avoid unnecessary features and waste of time. You should trust your developers. They can be more motivated and involved thanks to it.

I think that now you will make better decisions. It's important to know these tips and understand this simple rules. If you want to succeed, you must be involved in your app development project. You also should remember that outsourcing Mobile App Development is really great options for companies. I especially recommend outsourcing to Poland because it's favorable solutions. The collaboration with polish companies can give a lot of benefits.

Natalia Arciszewska, zaven software development Poland


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