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  • Published May 29, 2019
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We all know that not consuming enough water throughout the day leads to dehydration. Even at it’s mildest, water dehydration causes changes in mood, increased fatigue, brain fog, and those dreaded dehydration headaches.

But still, we find that we’re unable to consume the required amount of water throughout our day. Water Filters can substantially increase the amount of water you use due to the ease of use and the noticeably better taste. A water filter system in your home can substantially decrease the likelihood of dehydration without costing much at all.

Why is filtered water so important for your health? As we’ve mentioned, drinking water regularly decreases dehydration, and recent studies show that a 5% decrease in cognitive function occurs at 1% dehydration. Another study also proved that even at mild dehydration, problems and visual and working memory in healthy young women began to appear. However, these effects were quickly reversed after consuming 2.5 litres of water on a daily basis.

What are the effects of dehydration in Adolescents?

The effects of dehydration on adolescents are still being explored today, but one recent experiment testing the effect of dehydration on the adolescent brain showed that teens who were dehydrated suffered from "brain fog" and had increased difficulty solving problems compared to their hydrated counterparts!

How Dehydration Effects Men and Women

When we study the effects of mild dehydration on men and women, both genders are affected, however, they are affected in different ways. Young women suffering from mild dehydration experienced a greater change in overall mood, headaches, fatigue and difficulty concentrating yet their cognitive abilities remained relatively intact. Young men with mild dehydration experienced more difficulty with mental tasks that required working memory and vigilance. On top of this men were shown to experience increased fatigue, tension & anxiety.

When are you dehydrated?

It is important to note that the feeling of thirst doesn’t appear until you are already 1-2% dehydrated, by this stage - your mental clarity has already been impacted, and your working at a lower level with less focus. The lack of water within your body also means that the body’s toxin removal system is being impacted - it starts to slow down and inflammation increases. What’s more, is that the brain doesn’t have a ‘water bank’ or any way to store water on reserve, so the easiest way to prevent mild dehydration is by drinking filtered water from a home water filter system, and drinking it often.

The Long Term Effects of Dehydration

Continued dehydration can lead to some serious health implications for the person affected. Some researchers believe that long-term prolonged and chronic dehydration causes the brain to age prematurely. Research from Harvard Medical School has suggested that the size and mass of your brain may be reduced by continued dehydration - a sort of "drying out" of your brain.

What are the benefits of drinking sufficient filtered water?

By remaining aware of your intake and installing a water filter system, you’ll be able to easily consume more filtered water throughout your days and this is good for an extensive variety of reasons including improved concentration and focus, regulated moods and emotions, healthy brain cell function, balanced and well-maintained memory function, better nights sleep, toxin regulation and free radical elimination from the blood, and improved oxygen and blood flow to the brain.

You can easily increase your intake by taking a few easy actions. First, invest in a water filter system for your home or office at Aussie Natural Water Filtration.

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