Industrial Doors: types and applications

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  • Published June 11, 2019
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Industrial doors are one of the essential elements for any company that carries out its activities in a shed, or that has a warehouse or storage.

These special types of doors, in fact, allow to close openings of any size, and are useful both to facilitate the passage of personnel and vehicles (from vans, to handling vehicles), and to create a solid barrier for the protection of the shed during the periods and times of closure.

Main models

There are different types of industrial doors, each suitable for specific logistical and structural needs:

  • roll-up doors, are a special type of rapid doors used both in industry as warehouse doors or separators between different areas of the company, and in the private sector as garage doors.

  • micro-perforated shutters, very resistant doors but at the same time equipped with micro perforations that guarantee the correct ventilation of the rooms even when they are lowered.

  • rapid folding doors, a special type of closure that wraps around itself instead of around the movement shaft, ideal for closing large openings and hangars even in environments characterized by harsh weather conditions thanks to the great resistance to wind and weather events.

  • insulated shutters and rolling doors, designed for the refrigeration and food industry to ensure the highest level of insulation and high energy savings.

  • sectional doors: resistant, space-saving closures designed to open upwards, parallel to the structure. These are heavy-duty industrial doors with excellent thermal-acoustic insulation.

  • fireproof doors, industrial closures with insulating materials to ensure resistance to high temperatures and flames

Areas of application

The use of industrial doors has become fundamental for any company: in fact, they allow the best separation of company spaces, both internal and external, from a thermal and acoustic point of view, and are designed to optimize the logistical flows and movement of goods, especially where the passage of vehicles and people is frequent.

The choice of the most suitable industrial closure for your needs is therefore a very important aspect that can affect efficiency, productivity and business efficiency, especially in warehouses, loading and unloading areas and at the points of greatest transition between departments.

Mark Saygan, I work on optimization and innovation for business logistics.

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