Is it Time for Floor Deep Cleaning?

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  • Published June 11, 2019
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Every business outlet, retail business, commercial or residential building or space needs a deep floor cleaning at one time or another. Deep cleaning offers much more than just a fresh look to the overall setting. It helps to get rid of grime and dirt, and even soil, dust and such other particles that make their way into the seams and crevices of the floor. By availing professional deep cleaning services at least once a year, you get to protect and conserve the finish of your floor, create a healthier and sanitary space for living or working and be able to save a lot on costly floor services like, refinishing or sanding your floor in the long run. Below given are some of the warning signs that you need to be aware of. In case you see them, you should immediately contact a professional deep cleaning service provider.

Hardwood floors

Wood flooring can last for a really long time and even hold up under heavy foot traffic if you maintain it properly. However, superficial cleaning will not be able to address the damage to a lustre of hardwood over time. People tend to quickly notice a dull-looking floor when they see it, but you might not be able to notice the steady depreciation. You need to take a closer look to determine whether it is time for your hardwood floor to get a deep cleaning.

Other common damages to hardwood flooring include scuffs, scratches and nicks to the surface, along with the steadily increasing amount of grime. The shoes of the occupants of the residential building or space, office employees, clients, customers and other public frequenting the space or building inevitably bring a lot of dirt and other materials from the outside, and all of that wear into the wood with time. You can easily notice this wear and tear as the floor becomes yellow or the wax finish begins to flake. Damage to the finish of hardwood flooring also takes place when furniture, heavy equipment and such other heavy objects are rolled across the floor. Unsightly dents are quite common, especially when minor damages are left unrepaired for a really long time. So, when you notice such signs and want your floor to last longer, you need to hire floor deep cleaning services.


Do you have carpeting in a high-traffic area like, walkway to a reception area or the entrance? If so, the chances are quite high that there will be signs of wear and tear. Carpet deep cleaning ensures a good appearance, removes odours and also helps to prevent a breeding ground for bacteria. Since carpets get steadily walked on, you can see wear patterns and very soon, the difference in appearance between the other areas with less foot traffic and the wear patterns becomes visible to the naked eye.

As you must be aware, carpets are quite susceptible to stains and spills, which can occur as a result of fluids or such other substances. With time, the stains settle in and become eyesores that cannot be hidden, which leads to ruining the overall appearance of the carpets. Fortunately, you can improve the appearance of your carpet and also extend life through deep cleaning.


In recent years, more and more commercial settings are using ceramic flooring due to its relatively low cost, durability and availability of sustainable materials. However, wear and tear can take a serious toll on ceramic flooring as grime and stains get collected with time and get trapped in grout lines and tile pores. Even moisture damages the appearance of ceramic tiles and can even make the floor surface slippery.

Irrespective of the type of flooring that you have in your residential space or place of business, it is both economical and aesthetically pleasing to have your floors deep cleaned. You can work out some sort of routine with a professional deep cleaning service provider.

4Earth Solutions specialises in delivering floor deep cleaning for public/commercial or residential buildings and spaces. In their cleaning operations, the company uses safe, green cleaning products. They have a team of experienced cleaning specialists who work to meet the highest standard of quality.

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