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  • Author Zeb Wales
  • Published July 8, 2019
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Two or three years ago the cost of having your computer repaired was a lot more than it costs these days. The reason being is that we have seen a huge decrease in prices in the last couple of years on the various parts and components required to perform these services.

Major companies who provide these parts and components such as Gigabyte, Crucial, Samsung and more are in such a competitive market that the prices decrease almost on a weekly basis.

A common option not so long ago when finding out you required computer repairs was to just head down to your nearest appliance shop and pick yourself up a replacement computer.

Given that a brand new laptop or desktop computer can sell from anywhere between $500 and $3000 we are finding more and more people are deciding to go down the path of having their beloved device repairs and having the life extended by several more years.

Another reason we find people tend to go out and purchase a new device is they are no longer happy with the performance and speed of the current machine.

Computer Performance Upgrades are another thing that has dramatically dropped in price due to the ever changing and lowering prices of computer parts. People have started to realize this and as a result computer stores are seeing a big increase in the amount of laptops and computers being requested to have their hardware upgraded

A few years ago to add a performance hard drive and double the amount of ram that was in your device could of easily set you back around the $500 mark.

We have found that the actual cost as of June 2019 is around the $200 mark to have the same upgrades performed that would of cost $500 or more only just a couple of years ago.

After doing some extensive research on the subject we reached out to various schools and organizations to see how exactly they handle the need for replacing computer systems and also performing performance upgrades.

We found that the majority of the schools we spoke with have in the last couple of years put in place various contracts with IT & Service suppliers to provide servicing for both Repairs and Upgrades.

When we questioned various schools around why they have these contracts in place, they advised us it was because of the huge amount of money that was being saved.

Before the contracts were put in place majority of schools would simply purchase a brand new replacement device if the current one had become unresponsive, slow or just generally not working.

We reached out to several Auckland businesses to see how exactly they handle their IT needs when it comes to repairs and replacements.

Our findings actually showed that a lot of organizations had hired in-house IT staff to actually perform the repairs and upgrades themselves which has significantly dropped the cost.

While having computer repairs and upgrades performed is nothing new for business customers, the most common method generally used to be out-sourcing. By hiring a full time IT staff to perform these tasks the total cost becomes a fraction of the original price.

One final factor we haven’t touched on that has had an impact on the pricing of computers repairs and upgrades is the competitiveness of the industry itself.

Our findings showed that because of the growing number of IT businesses that specialize in Computer Repairs and Performance Upgrades the industry has been forced to scale back prices to stay within the market.

Failure to lower these prices could result in a drop of sales and service work as there might be other available companies willing to do the work for cheaper.

Zeb Wales.

Owner and Operator of Computer Repair Specialists, Auckland's leading Computer Repairs & IT Services business.

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