NCR Paper: Fantastic Benefits and the Way It Works

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NCR paper or Non-Carbon Required paper is one of the most commonly used types of paper office stationery because of the many benefits it brings to the table. It has a pretty long history and its appearance is closely related to the need to replace the carbon paper.

Today, the NCRP paper can be found in many colours, in many business forms and there are even pre-printed carbonless books that facilitate your needs of printing business forms separately. Let’s take a closer look at everything you should know about NCR paper if you wish to use them in your business.

What Is NCR Paper?

NCR paper or also known as carbonless paper is paper that doesn’t need a waxy carbon sheet in between the sheets to create the image transfer as the image is created from the chemical coatings on the sheets. When the sheets touch, there is a chemical reaction from the chemical coatings and the image transfers from to top sheet to the other sheets below. All it takes is some pressure and a ballpoint pen.

What Is the Main Purpose of NCR Paper?

The NCR paper is used for printing forms with duplicate or triplicate copies of documents in an easy and hassle-free way. It is generally used for contracts, warranty forms, delivery dockets, application forms, multipart books and so on. You can buy NCR paper online as carbonless A4 copy paper or as a carbonless book.

You can also find NCR books which are sets of business forms of invoices, delivery dockets and adjustment notes. They provide you with a professional and consistent look of your business forms and are considered to be an excellent tool for keeping a record of jobs, purchase orders or invoice numbers. In addition, they are made to be GST compliant so they can be used for accounting purposes as well.

Benefits of NCR Paper

Neat and Easy to Use

The NCR Paper is very clean to use – there are no smudges from pressing too hard like on the carbon paper. Because the image transfer is done only where the pressure of the ballpoint pen is applied, there is no smudging.

Multiple Copies

You can create as many copies from the original sheet as you wish (of course, this means a reasonable number, up to 5 maybe – it all depends on the quality of the NCR paper). The best part is that you can easily read all the copies as the transferred text will be strongly legible.

Easy to Write On

All you need to produce the copies is to just write on the NCR paper. In contrast to the carbon paper, you need to use the carbon sheet separator and apply it many times under the top sheet to get the number of wanted copies.

Less Waste

Moreover, using NCR paper produced less waste in the environment and is an eco-friendly solution. By using carbonless copy paper no carbon is wasted which is very important for maintaining the balance in the ecosystem.

Easy to Print

This type of paper is also very easy to print. There are no overlaps or other problems as they easily feed into the printer and the finished result gives a very professional look of the business form.

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