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Canada Goose are distributed over a vast area. This page will go into details regarding their distinct habits.

You can find the Canada Goose during breeding season throughout the Canadian territory and all year long in southern parts of Canada. Canada geese will stay in an area where they can find clear water and food. Most of them will migrate in the USA in winter. Some will even find their way to Mexico. In spring, they will head back north to breed.

The female goose lays 4 to 6 eggs and according to different sources, incubation will last between 24 and 33 days.

The male and female stay together all their life,it is one of their most natural habits. If one should disappear the living Canada Goose generally finds another mate.

Another interesting characteristic is that the family stays together for one year after the goslings are born. However, upon return to the breeding territory the goslings will leave the parents to fend for themselves.

They will then fight for a mate and like the parents be with that mate for life.

The best time to see the "Canada Goose show" is either in Spring or Fall. In spring the Geese tend to keep their distance from you, however, if you take the precautions and preparation outlined here, they should come very close. Spring is also an ideal time for you to test your Blind and Decoys.

Put your gun aside and pickup your camera for some breathtaking snapshots. Fall is a better season to see the Geese, because the surroundings are more conducive to hunting.

You are not a hunter? Well get a friend who is an experienced hunter, to invite you to his Blind, again don’t forget your camera.

You want a good digital camera? Click here, check the Nikons for exceptional performances you will surely get many unforgettable snapshots.

During fall migration, many Geese will stop en route to their winter migration territory, for food and clean water. That is when you will have an opportunity to observe their movements and flyways.

It is of prime importance to follow the Geese in their movements. You will notice that they will go from place to place and return to a spot visited 3 to 4 days earlier. Make friends with farmers that grow corn and other cereals, or better yet with Agronomists that visit the farmers regularly and surely know where the Geese go.

Often times they can refer you to farmers willing to let you hunt on their land, then when you have a few spots, call the farmers regularly to see if the Geese are around.

Next get permission to hunt their fields. Following these hints will ensure the most successful hunting outings. If you want to know even more about Canada goose, click here and go to the Canadian wildlife service

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