Using Black Wool Serge to Transform Every Performance on Stage

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  • Published August 5, 2019
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If you are in the market for the best fabric to prime your stage, wool serge should top your list. It is the most common fabric for theatrical drapes, borders, legs, and skirting.

Here are some reasons this fabric is popular in theatres and other public facilities.

  1. Acoustics

Sound is one of the most important considerations during any public event. You have to work on acoustics by using the right draping materials. Whether in a lecture hall, studio, theatre, or any open room, black Serge's acoustic qualities stand out.

This fabric prevents echoes which would otherwise ruin your show. It adjusts the sound acoustic qualities in any venue by dampening the sound. This doesn't affect the quality of sound from the stage. In studios and theatres, this material stops the sound reflecting back around and ruining the transmission of the direct sound.

If you have the difficult task of preparing a venue for performances or presentations, wool serge will come in handy. You can now transform any closed space into a theatre or studio and guarantee the audience enjoys your performances.

  1. Fire Safety

Fire is a big risk in large public spaces. Fire safety is thus a major consideration in theatres, concerts, studios, and exhibitions. Any materials used in such spaces must pass the highest fire safety standards. Black Serge is a flame retardant material ideal for stage curtains, exhibition walls, and other applications.

The inherently flame retardant (IFR) wool is ideal for any public space. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing your stage curtains don't pose a risk to your guests. In case of a fire, these wool curtains will not aid the spread of flames. It is easier to extinguish such a fire and prevent further damage or fatalities.

When shopping for wool serge curtains, you have to make sure they meet flame retardant standards and ensure the products have proper certification.

  1. Enhancing Aesthetic appeal

When looking for drapes for a stage or any other space, you have to consider their impact on the décor. You don't want to use any draping material because the décor quality also affects the mood in the room. Black serge has an instant impact on any space.

These curtains work well in any environment and add a dash of elegance to your space. If you have the task of transforming any room into a beautiful stage, using wool serge in black is a smart idea. These stage curtains provide a beautiful finish to the room while serving other functions effectively.

  1. Versatile Nature

These acoustic curtains come in different weights and styles to suit multiple applications. Whether you want to decorate an open space, optimise acoustics in a room or block light in a theatre, these curtains work well.

You can choose from among different stage curtain headings including pencil pleat, wave-style heading, eyelet curtains and pinch pleat curtain heading among others. There are multiple lining options for your curtains, including Standard polyester and 3 Pass blackout lining.

  1. Ease of Customization

Whatever stage curtain designs you have in mind, it is possible to use wool serge to suit your needs. If you need to black out any space and enjoy the best acoustics, black wool curtains will work for you. You can order the curtains in any size and design to suit your room draping needs. You can also opt for standard made to measure curtains.

Black serge is the ultimate material for your stage curtains. These curtains are versatile and offer excellent acoustic qualities to ensure your guests enjoy performances. The flame retardant curtains come in all sizes, and high-quality material adds a touch of elegance to any room.

Cameo Curtains is the leading theatre and stage curtains manufacturing and installation service in the UK. They have been in business since 1991. The company offers an assorted range of high-quality curtain products including black wool serge and after-sales services, installation and professional curtain cleaning.

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