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  • Author Amy Hargreaves
  • Published August 21, 2019
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Moving home can be a very time consuming and stressful task, something that everyone would like to make a little easier on themselves. Knowing how to do this can seem like a task in itself. So where do you start? Knowing how you will get yourself and your belongings from A to B is always the best place to begin. Will you spend a little more money on a removal company to help you do this, or would you like to save where you can and simply hire a van yourself? If it’s the latter option, how do you know which van is best for you and your move?

Luton Van

One of the most popular options of removal van hire, due to its size this is great for transporting a large amount of possessions at once. Some Luton vans, such as ours, also come with a tail lift, helping you to lift heavier items onto the van.

Long wheel base

This van is great for fitting in all possessions from a small home, featuring a simple side sliding door and a rear door, making packing the van a little easier for you.

Short wheelbase

If you’re looking for van to transport a few large items or most of your smaller possessions, the short wheelbase van is an easy choice. Simple to drive and easy to pack, with its rear and side sliding doors.

Small van hire

A car without the seats! This is the perfect size if you’re needing to send over the last few items of your home, an easy drive van making your journey as smooth as possible.

The benefits of hiring your own removal van

  1. You can only count on yourself, meaning you don’t have to worry about your removal hire company turning into no shows on your moving day.

  2. Cost! It can sometimes work about a bit cheaper when you choose to go it along with the big move.

  3. It can be done on your timeline, no need to stress about whether or not all the boxes are packed up and ready to go, simply start when you want.

Trott Rentals is a reliable self hire van service, giving you the option to work around your own schedule. Offering long term and short terms hire, Trott Rentals is the perfect option for your local vehicle rental.

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