5 Mistakes When you Water Potted Plants


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  • Published September 10, 2019
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Gardening is one of the most soothing and relaxing hobbies that a person could undertake. This is besides the whole concept of whether you have a green thumb or not. Of course, we are advocates for world peace and reducing the green-house effect, but the artistic side of gardening is unmatched. The chance to watch a plants growth over time and being able to eat its fruits, or having plants grow and having the ability to have a look at the beautiful flowers it bore, well that is magical.

As much as we all want to jump onto this bandwagon, we need to have basic knowledge of what to do, how to do it and it is especially important that we learn what not to do. Knowing what not to do is a crucial part of being successful in almost every field. We will also give you tips on some of the best tools to help you with your journey, from pruners and shovels to water globes and irrigation systems.

What not to do:

Move your plants

Plants are similar to people. After a while they get adapted to their environment, they change in the necessary ways they need to, to conform to their surroundings.

If a farmer or gardener has plants in a flowerpot or in the ground and later realized that they aren't pleased with the location of the plant, it is common practice that these plants would be uprooted from their current location and moved to a new place. Uprooting plants tend to put a lot of stress on the plant even though the roots haven't been tampered with.


This is a real thing. It sounds a little crazy but even from the human perspective, it is more or less the same, give human excess amounts of food and water and sooner than later this will begin to negatively affect him and his body.

Overwatering is known to flood the plant and remove nutrients from the soil. It also creates a huge osmotic imbalance that not many plants can handle.

If you would be away from your plants and fear that they would dry up, we recommend that you use a watering globe, the come in various sizes that would ensure that your plants would be safe for the entirety of your absence.


As much as using too much water on your plant is a bad thing, using too little could also negatively impact the plant in more ways than one. Each plant has its own recommendation on how much water it should take and needs. We recommend watering your plants regularly to avoid this.

Not allowing drainage

Most potted plants have holes at the bottom of the flower pot and this isn't so that it may look pretty. It is meant to allow the extra water to run off and to allow the roots to breathe or rather allow them to have decent aeration. This is to avoid bacteria from growing next to the roots and it stimulated the growth of worms which live symbiotically with the plant.

Having runoff

Having a runoff is horrible. The runoff happens when your flower pot is too full and all the water poured into the flower pot simply ‘runs off'. This washes away all minerals and nitrogen from the plant that could cause it to have stunted growth. Many devices could water a plant in this situation without having run off and one such device is a water globe.

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